Friday, April 23, 2010

Ducks and Flowers

We visited a park last week that we haven't been to before. It had ducks and 5 play areas and was enormous.

The girls never get tired of being outside and running free. Neither do I.

They loved watching the ducks, especially when they'd chase/fly after each other through the water.

Avery kept quacking along with them.

We found a hill covered with flowers. It was so pretty. It's just too bad the sun was right in the girls' eyes in this shot.

The girls just couldn't help picking flowers even though I strictly forbade them from picking any.

Avery found some big pine cones and spent the rest of the morning practicing her pitching. This one isn't a slow ball pitcher, either. She's overhand all the way. It was a fun day.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a fun Easter holiday this year and kicked off the week with some egg dying for Family Home Evening.

Sophie did great with hers, even if she was a little impatient and didn't leave the eggs in the dye for very long. But she enjoyed putting the faces on and eating them after, of course.

Avery, also known as The Destroyer around here, wasn't quite so successful. She enjoyed knocking over the orange dye and smashing eggs to actually dying them. We had our hands full keeping her out of trouble around all that stuff, and we're really hoping that by next year she'll have grown out of her destructive phase.

The day before Easter I took the girls up to my Aunt Ginger's house again for an Easter egg hunt with several of her cute grandkids. Sophie remembered it from last year and was very excited to go find her 10 eggs.

We got Avery all pumped up and ready to hunt, too, by spending time hiding eggs in the living room and having her find those for practice. By the time it was the real deal she was quite the pro and did a great job.

Sophie had to climb a bit to find some, but she filled her basket quickly.

Avery found about 6 and then saw the sand box in the play ground and was no longer interested in hunting for eggs.

This is her kind of heaven and she would've been happy staying here all day. We had a fun Easter and Sophie especially liked finding "The Princess and the Frog" in her Easter basket this year. I think she's watched it 3 or 4 times since. Happy Easter!