Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

It may not look like Christmas around here with palm trees and without any snow, but these last few days have been pretty cold, and if you add all the crazy Christmas decorations people put up around here, it at least feels like Christmas.

We went to my Grandpa Lamb's home for Thanksgiving, and he had already put up his lights and was so excited to turn them on for the great grandkids to see.  They were in awe.

They couldn't get enough of it all and we played outside around them all for a long time.  My Grandpa used to help put up the lights on the L.A. Temple every year, so he is the light master.  You take any broken light strand to him and he can fix it.

Sophie is finally old enough to start understanding some of the traditions of Christmas.  I explained Santa to her one night and then we watched "The Polar Express" and she was mesmerized.  We talk a lot about what Santa represents at Christmastime, but we stress over and over the real meaning of Christmas.  She loves the story of Christ's birth and so long as that stays the central focus I'm happy.

She was so excited to get to sit on Santa's lap the morning we had breakfast with him.  She didn't stop smiling the entire time she was there.  Before we went I asked her what she was going to ask him for, and she said she wanted a bike.  I knew that before and we don't have any intentions of getting her a bike this year, so instead I coached her to ask for something else that I think she'll like that I already happen to have for her (isn't that how all parents operate when it comes to Christmas?  Or am I just really mean?)  She did ask him for it because she was excited at the thought of it, so it's a win/win for us. :)

Avery was hilarious to watch on Santa's lap.  I honestly had no idea how she'd react to him.  At this age Sophie screamed and wanted nothing to do with him, so I figured Avery would be the same.  But instead she just settled into his arm, relaxed as if she did this every day, and stared at all of us laughing at her like we were crazy.  It was so funny.

Here are two more funnies with their orange smiles at breakfast.  I love this season!  It's the most wonderful time of the year for sure.  We can't wait to spend Christmas in Utah with our families in just one week when it really does look and feel like Christmas.  We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season as well.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Book Lovers

Our girls love books! Avery has really gotten into them lately. She started out just flipping through them herself and whatever speed she wanted, but lately she's enjoyed sitting on our laps and actually hearing the entire story read to her. She has her favorites that she has learned by heart, and she'll finish off each sentence for us as we read them to her now. Here's her doing just that to a book called "What is a Princess?"

And I added this one on, too, because I just think her little "no" is so adorable. I love my girls, and I love that they love to read just like their daddy and mommy do!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

One of Our Favorite Things to Do with Daddy

Often when I'm gone in the evenings for meetings, Joseph will take advantage of his time with the girls and make a fort.  This is one of the first forts that they made together.  They have since doubled in size with multiple rooms and entrances.  The girls love making the fort and playing in it with us.
Sometimes if I get home early enough they'll be ready for bed, waiting for me inside, and we'll play a few games before they have to go to sleep.  Sophie's newest favorite game is "Rock, Paper, Scissors".  It took a little bit of playing for her to figure out that she didn't have to do rock every time (now her favorite is scissors) and she loves "getting" us when she gets to smash or cut or cover.  We have a great time in our cozy fort and appreciate our hard working daddy who literally puts a roof over our heads, among other things. :)

LA Arboretum

The girls and I spent a day at the LA Arboretum a month or so ago on a sunny, beautiful day.

It was beautiful there as we walked along trails surrounded be greenery and saw peacocks strutting everywhere.  There were ponds with ducks, waterfalls, and other beauties of nature as far as the eye could see.

Sophie doesn't remember seeing a waterfall before, so she and Avery both stared at this one for quite a long time and were pretty mesmerized by it.

The man who owned this property initially and made it what it is today built this home, called a Queen Anne cottage, for his family.  It's white with pretty red trimming and is so cute.  I guess it was the home they used in the 70's show Fantasy Island.  It still looks the same and would have been a really rough place to have had to grow up in. ;)

We're having fun taking advantage of all the fun things there are to see around here (especially on the free admission days) and are glad the weather's still so nice that we can do that.  I love field trips with my favorite girls!