Tuesday, December 01, 2009

One of Our Favorite Things to Do with Daddy

Often when I'm gone in the evenings for meetings, Joseph will take advantage of his time with the girls and make a fort.  This is one of the first forts that they made together.  They have since doubled in size with multiple rooms and entrances.  The girls love making the fort and playing in it with us.
Sometimes if I get home early enough they'll be ready for bed, waiting for me inside, and we'll play a few games before they have to go to sleep.  Sophie's newest favorite game is "Rock, Paper, Scissors".  It took a little bit of playing for her to figure out that she didn't have to do rock every time (now her favorite is scissors) and she loves "getting" us when she gets to smash or cut or cover.  We have a great time in our cozy fort and appreciate our hard working daddy who literally puts a roof over our heads, among other things. :)


Erin said...

I love forts! Joseph has some mad fort building skills.

Annie said...

just posted our fort today too!

except joseph's is much much better
: )

shelly said...

Becky, love the forts. I don't know how to reply to your comment on my blog, so I'm doing it here. Your description made me think that you have seen our household--Tate is totally demanding and gets way more attention than Avery. Poor little Avery's!

m said...

What a creative, super daddy! And he does it with little GIRLS! Hey, forts are non-gender-specific fun. :^)

Daryl and McCall said...

oh if only 'team 2' knew about places like this that we could use as a safehouse i think we'd all gather more often :) haha looks fun!!!