Monday, May 09, 2011

Easter 2011

We got to do 2 different Easter egg hunts this year. The first was with our play group friends.

Avery had it all figured out this year and got quite a few eggs in her basket before the bigger kids came out to hunt.

Sophie loved finding the big eggs in our friend's yard.

A little checking out and comparing of baskets going on after.

I think it's safe to say they both got enough candy to rot their teeth right out of their mouths. Good thing I confiscate most of it after they eat a few eggs' worth.

We love our play group friends!

We also dyed eggs for FHE one night.

The girls had a blast, and I think Dad did too. :)

Our second egg hunt was with our OC cousins and our cousins' cousins.

Grandma Lamb helped William find his first egg. He is grabbing everything that's within a 10 foot radius of him these days so it wasn't surprising to see him hanging onto this basket with a steel grip.

I honestly wondered if Avery would find one egg and sit down to enjoy what was inside, but she was the Energizer bunny and kept searching until every last egg had been found.

She did pause long enough for a photo opp, though.

The girls were so excited when they realized that not only was there candy in the eggs, but some had cash!

And here is the whole fam in our Easter Sunday outfits.

Strawberry Spring

We returned to our favorite strawberry fields this spring to gorge ourselves on the delicious fruit. We love Tanaka Farms!

There is nothing better than a strawberry kissed and warmed by the sun, straight out of the ground and into your mouth. We couldn't get enough of them.

We went once again with our cousins and some friends. William wishes he could have eaten some too, but he still had a good time on the wagon ride.

And since we hadn't had enough adventures for the day, we decided to make a stop at Disneyland on the way home too. The girls' favorite ride right now is of course Small World, even if the song does play about 1,389 times too many for me.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

"Strange Things Are Afoot at the Circle-K"

We have some exciting news to share. After many months of searching, we're buying a home!

And in case you're familiar with this area, the above quote ("Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K") should give you an idea of where the home is located. It's from the movie "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure." Any guesses? Here's another quote from the same movie that might help: "San Dimas High School football rules!"

Yes, we bought a home in San Dimas, CA, about 10 minutes from where we currently live in Glendora. If you'd have told Joseph 20 years ago that he'd ever own a home in San Dimas he would've never believed you, but I secretly think that it's one of the reasons he agreed to buy this particular house. As you can see, it's pretty cute and we're really excited. We'll be in it by June! We'll post pics of it once we've gotten all moved in. Yay!

Will's First Solids

We decided to try out some solid food on William when he was about 4 1/2 months. We've started at that age with all our kids and the girls both took to it pretty well, so we hoped Will would too.

This is the same bouncer chair all 3 of our kids have been sitting in when they've first tried solids.

"I don't know about this, Mom!"

"Whadd'ya think about rice cereal, kiddo?" See his reaction below...

Not a fan. Every single bite came right back out. I have since tried oatmeal, mashed bananas, and mashed peaches as well, and he didn't like any of them. Only this last week has he started swallowing a little oatmeal, so at least we're making some progress. If it can get him to sleeping all night long like it did with his sisters, I will be one happy mama!

Princess Avery

Avery went to her first princess birthday party with just her 2 and 3-yr. old friends. It was for her friend Mia.

She was so sweet in her fancy dress and all on her own she crossed her legs and clasped her hands like a true princess. Princess Kate ain't got nothin' on her!

She was in heaven when she got to color and play with stickers, two of her very most favorite things.

The girls had their tea and crumpets (or something like that) and it was so fun to watch them.

They each were given a cupcake with a candle to blow out after singing "Happy Birthday" which I thought was so smart so that they didn't blow out the birthday girl's candle for her.

Seeing Green

We were seeing green on St. Patrick's Day this year. For dinner we had green jello, green milk, and pesto pasta. And yes, that's a pot sitting on my table, but it's green so I let it stay. Nobody got pinched this year but we still had a fun day!