Monday, May 09, 2011

Easter 2011

We got to do 2 different Easter egg hunts this year. The first was with our play group friends.

Avery had it all figured out this year and got quite a few eggs in her basket before the bigger kids came out to hunt.

Sophie loved finding the big eggs in our friend's yard.

A little checking out and comparing of baskets going on after.

I think it's safe to say they both got enough candy to rot their teeth right out of their mouths. Good thing I confiscate most of it after they eat a few eggs' worth.

We love our play group friends!

We also dyed eggs for FHE one night.

The girls had a blast, and I think Dad did too. :)

Our second egg hunt was with our OC cousins and our cousins' cousins.

Grandma Lamb helped William find his first egg. He is grabbing everything that's within a 10 foot radius of him these days so it wasn't surprising to see him hanging onto this basket with a steel grip.

I honestly wondered if Avery would find one egg and sit down to enjoy what was inside, but she was the Energizer bunny and kept searching until every last egg had been found.

She did pause long enough for a photo opp, though.

The girls were so excited when they realized that not only was there candy in the eggs, but some had cash!

And here is the whole fam in our Easter Sunday outfits.


Deborah Austin said...

It was so great seeing you in April, just not long enough. Your little family is growing so fast I can't believe Will is already 6 months old, Wow! Congrats on your house that is so exciting!!! Does that mean Cali is more permanant? We are excited for Julie I assume you will be coming out for the wedding? It's great checking in on you!

Holly or James said...

Your kids are so darling! How's life with 3 kids????