Friday, June 17, 2011

Del Mar

We were able to join my parents and my brother Peter's family at a time share in Del Mar that Abby's parents, the Hunters, have. It was a very fun couple of days.

One day, without planning it, Will ended up dressed just like his cousins Austin and Gabe. Cute boys.

Sophie and Austin had fun playing in this sand box by the pool for a while.

They are best buds whenever they get together. It's fun to watch them play and use their imaginations.

Then there was the pool, or I guess I should say poolS. There was a shallow one for the kids and then two others on top of that. The kids could have played out there with Grandpa Lamb all day, and almost did. They love his Shamu rides that harken back to when I was a kid riding on his back in the pool.

The villa that you see here behind this pool is the Hunter's place. It's a hard knock life. :) It had so many rooms and was perfect for hosting a few families at once. In addition to playing in the pool we also got to walk to get yummy gelato and the kids played on the golf cart for probably longer than they should've. The parents played games once the kiddos were asleep.

The last day there we visited the Mormon Battalion Museum in San Diego. They have recently updated it and it is incredible. We were very impressed with the presentations and videos and learned a lot. The kids loved the pictures that talked to them and getting to pan for gold and other fun things they had there.

Will went in the pool for maybe the second time ever. He liked it for only so long before it was just too cold for the little guy to take.

He loved hanging out with Gramma Lamb, though, and I loved having an extra pair of hands to hold him, too! Thanks, Hunters and Lambs, for a very fun weekend!

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m said...

Such fun memories. Thanks again, Hunters, for making it happen!