Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Water Babies

Have I mentioned that the girls love to be in the water? Both have ever since they were small babies.

Joseph caught some candid shots of the girls swimming before we moved (we miss the pool--sniff!) so here they are.

Avery loves to have her face in the water. Unusual, perhaps, but she kicks all over the pool with her face down in the water.

She also loves to kick all over on her back with her floaties on. It might take her a half hour to get from one end of the pool to the other kicking that way, but she gets there!

They are fearless, both of them. We were at a friend's pool today who has this big rock wall that Sophie jumped off of. Not to be outdone by her big sis, Avery got up and despite my protests flung herself off as well. And they both came up with the biggest smiles.

They sure love to play together which does a mama's heart good.

Anything Sophie can do, Avery can too.

I'd love if they both turned out to be swimmers someday like their mama was.


Aimee said...

Fearless little swimmers. Very impressive. Girls need sisters. I love how much fun they have together!

shelly said...

I'm in shock at your daredevil-swimmers with their faces in the water!!! Very nice!

Holly or James said...

I'm impressed with those swimmers of yours! I was thinking the same thing, "Hm. Just like their mom!"