Wednesday, June 22, 2011


At church I have had the honor the last 3 years of working with some amazing teenage girls. Since we moved to another part of town we are now attending church in a different ward and so I had to say goodbye to my church calling with these sweet girls.
Fortunately, that didn't mean goodbye to seeing them since we're only 10 minutes away. But since it's always fun to have a party, we decided to have a goodbye party of sorts at our community pool.

I am going to so miss working closely with these girls. They are truly all incredible. They are sweet, sassy, hilarious, kind, talented, and have become very good friends. Their nickname for me is "Grandma" (long story) but fortunately they had the tact to tell me that they consider me a big sister to them rather than a mom (since I could really only legitimately be a mother to the youngest of them, but even that would've been a stretch).

They always managed to put a smile on my face.

Here are 7 of my Young Women so 5 were missing in this picture. My girls think they are the bees knees and loved being included in any activity they could with the "big girls".

Thanks for making my calling so much fun! I already miss you all more than you can know!

I love you, Metzli, Aubrey, Megan, Emily, Katie, Veronica, Lauren, Rieley, Bekkah, Alyssa, Tara, and Kelley!

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