Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Silly Kiddies

Sophie and Avery went to their friend Hank's birthday party. I thought the theme was very clever: a Mustache Bash. All the kids got to wear mustaches, either glued on or painted on, and the girls thought it was hilarious.

Will is obsessed with his tongue lately. And as you can see, he also has a fondness for eating.

What a faker.


The girls love love love to swim and are fearless in the water. They have these princess diving sticks that Avery throws in the water and Sophie dives after. The deep end of our pool is 5 ft. but Sophie can get down that far to get the princesses even. Avery's still in floaties for my sanity, but hopefully we will get her swimming independently this summer because she's so ready to do it. They'd stay all day in the pool if we'd let them.

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