Friday, March 18, 2011

Superhero Princesses

Sophie went to a fun super hero birthday party a couple weeks ago. She was so excited to see that the cape that everyone got had an "S" on it. I don't know if she realized the "S" was for Superhero, but I'm not going to tell her it didn't mean Sophie.

The girls were getting antsy one Sunday afternoon so Joseph created a spider's web on the stairs with some yarn. The girls had to try to get down the stairs without touching the web. This entertained them for quite a long time. I have such a creative husband!

Avery loves to color and spends many an hour in this spot coloring not just pages but also the counter and her whole body with her markers. She has stopped taking naps during the day but has a hard time making it through the whole day until her 7:30 bedtime without falling asleep for a few minutes around 4 or 5. It was so cute to watch her fall asleep on her books this day. I especially love the blue marker on her forehead.

Sophie got to take home Mr. Froggy from school one day to document what he got to spend the day doing with us. Here he is watching a little Word World or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with the girls.

We often meet up with our friends the Hyers at the park and one day I commented to Shannon when the dreaded ice cream truck pulled into the parking lot that my kids still didn't know what that truck was and I hoped we could keep them in the dark as long as possible. So I had to laugh when I got a text and this picture from her one Saturday when Joseph had taken Sophie and Avery to the park and seen the Hyers there that, "They know what the ice cream truck is now! Those dang Hyers are such a bad influence!" She bought them ice cream, and now they ask me for it whenever we see the truck. Dang Hyers indeed--hahahaha.

And to close, here's a video of the girls meeting Princess Tiana at Disneyland. I love her southern accent. And I love Sophie's backpack that she insisted on taking with her, packed full of activities to keep her busy in the car, as well as a burp rag for William. Such a mamacita.

Friday, March 04, 2011

A Little of Everyone

A few weeks ago I left Joseph at home with Sophie and Avery and traveled with William for his first plane ride ever. Thank goodness he did pretty well.

We went to Utah to be with my family as my sister Julie went for her first time through the temple.

She is going to be married this summer to a great guy, Leo, and since she is the last of my siblings to be able to go through the temple, my parents wanted all their kids there for this special event.

I truly wish Joseph and my girls could have also come, as well as Peter's family. They were greatly missed. But it was an awesome experience to be there with all these wonderful people, and I'm just excited for the wedding this summer in which we all will be there together!

I missed both my girls, including this little Peanut and all her antics. She's a funny, independent, spit-fire of a 2-year old and I love her. (Those are hair bands on her fingers, fyi.)

Alright, who puts rubber bands on this boy's thighs and wrists every night?

Somebody's a little milk drunk I think.

Sophie rode in her school's bike-a-thon a couple weeks ago. She's riding Avery's bike here because she's got a better handle on it than her big one, and she rode very cautiously. Sophie likes preschool a lot and has had a fun year. We've recently decided to let her do one more year of it instead of sending her to Kindergarten at the age of 4 (though it was not an easy decision), and she's excited to go another year.

William is starting to look more like his daddy every day. We have two models of children we've decided. William and Avery fall into one model with Joseph, and Sophie's in my model.

See what I mean? A lot of it is the eyes. :)