Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rockin' and Rollin'

I love being on my tummy!Here I go, onto my back!
Whew! I made it! Let's do it again!

Sophie is a champion roller these days. She used to roll onto her tummy and get frustrated because she had forgotten how to roll back onto her back again, but she's finally remembered and can roll all over the place. Hopefully this will help her frustrations with not being mobile yet and she can get around more and such. But for all the time she spends on her tummy, she still prefers to be held. Spoiled little girl! :D

Friday, March 16, 2007

A Little Too Much To Eat

Sophie sometimes overindulges a little too much during meals. ;-D Wow, I think if this were real, she'd be in the 180th percentile for weight at her next check-up! Joseph and I were having a little too much fun with her and her pink ball.

Gimee Thumb Lovin'

Sophie just began sucking her thumb a couple of weeks ago, but it helps her sleep so much better that we're okay with it. It's her left thumb, so we think she may be left-handed like her Grandpa Lamb and Uncle Willis, or maybe even ambidextrous like Aunt Jeniann. Sophie also sometimes grabs her ear with her right hand while she sucks her thumb and looks like the evil Prince John on Disney's "Robin Hood" (Mama!) All we know is that she sure loves sucking it a lot!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I'm a True (Half) Lamb!

In Becky's family her dad would always test to see if the babies were "true Lambs" by holding them up by their feet in the palm of his hand, and if they could stand, they passed the test. Here's Joseph trying it out with Sophie, who really could do this over a month ago. She passed--whew! Sophie can also sit up all by herself, at least in the frog position. She's 5 months old today, too! What a big girl!