Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Reasons Why My Boyfriend is Better Than Yours

 ...like build block towers on my head to make him laugh.

And then let him knock them down over and over.

I thought I'd compile a list of reasons why my boyfriend is amazing.
#1- He looks cute even when he's dirty...

#2-But he cleans up really well, too.

 #3- Tom Cruise doesn't even look better in shades than this dude.  He can play the hero...

 #4- But he can play the pirate when needed as well.

#5-  He isn't afraid of anything.

#6- He's cute just like his dad.
 #7- He'll let a girl drive...no male chauvenism here.

#8- He'll even stop and ask for directions.

 #9- He takes me out on exciting dates.
 #10- He's got great taste in clothes.  (We're working on keeping them clean.)

 #11- He loves animals.

#12- He's not afraid to show his crafty, creative side.
#13- He loves the outdoors, especially throwing rocks into water.
#14- He takes meal times seriously and always compliments me on my cooking.

#15- And he's a fantastic dancer!  What more could a girl ask for?

I love you, Will!

Starting Summer Off Right

 A favorite summer activity around here was jumping on the tramp with the sprinklers underneath.

 No words needed.
This guy wasn't sure at first if he'd love it, but it didn't take long until he did.
He can really hold his own on the tramp with his sisters bouncing him crazily all over the place.  It's amazing he stays on his feet like he does.  He even catches some pretty good air at times, too!
Avery practicing her doggy drop and seat drop.

When can we do this again is what he's thinking.

End of TK

 At the end of the year they had some fun things for parents to come see, like the Kindergarten classes performing at a school assembly.  They're practicing their songs here, complete with hand movements.

 They were pretending to be shocked by the line, "Missed me, missed me, now you've got to kiss me."  Sophie thought that part was hilarious.

 One of the last days of school was pajama day.  This is one of Sophie's favorite friends, Macy.

They built forts that Will was diggin'.

The entire school also put on a dance festival the last week.  The TK kids got to do a dance to "It's a Small World" with ribbons and it was really cute.  What a great first (unofficial) year of school!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Awesome 80's Dance

 Joseph helped plan a 70's/80's dance for a ward activity (sans kids) that was so so fun.  A bunch of us dressed up for it with our neon colors, jelly bracelets, leg warmers, big earrings, and shirts tied at the waist.  My friend Hollie definitely won best look of the night.

 Jennifer (a.k.a. Madonna) taught the Electric Slide and got everyone on the floor to do it.

I love 80's music and could dance to my favorite songs from that decade all night long. 

I look totally ridiculous here but I had to include this picture because of the bishop bustin a move in the background, and his wife, too.  If that's not awesome I don't know what is.

Joseph had a great get-up too and they all did a fabulous job throwing this fun party.  We heart the 80's!

Monday, June 04, 2012

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

 I love my May flowers!  Gerber daisies are my favorite and when these finally are in full bloom in my front planter, it makes me happy every time I step outside.

 Joseph took Will to his very first Fathers and Sons outing.  They just went up for the evening because Joseph wasn't ready to try sleeping in a tent with William, but it was the perfect amount of time for them and they had a blast.

 He said Will was mesmerized by the fire and loved throwing a ball around and watching all the big guys do stuff.

We took a fun, quick trip to Monterey to visit Uncle Scott and Aunt Tesha.  Joseph wasn't able to come, and we missed him a lot, but we still had a great time.

 First stop was Monterey Baby and the sand.

 Will thought he'd flash a few signs at the camera.

 It was a cool day, of course, and I don't know how the surfers were out there learning to surf, but they looked like they were having fun.

 Here we are!

 My favorite part of the beach was watching Scott and his new bride flirt.  He put sand somewhere I can't say on Tesha, and she wanted revenge.

 She spent the rest of the time trying to get him back, but wasn't too successful.

 Don't mess with a guy in the U.S. Air Force.

I think they had fun making up after their "fight".

Sophie drew Daddy's apartment building.  She even drew him on his floor at his desk.

 Too cool for school, Will!

We were also lucky enough to get to go to the Monterey Aquarium while we were there.  It was amazing.  These jelly fish were my favorite for sure.

Will found his favorite thing next, the sea turtles.  There were two enormous ones and he never let them out of his sight as they floated all over the giant ceiling-to-floor aquarium.

If he ever thought any of us had lost sight of it he'd point it out to us repeatedly.

Avery spent the same time in a little different way, doing her usual thing.  She hung upside down on this bar for forever, regardless of the fact that she was flashing all of us (fortunately we were the only ones up there).  Her and Sophie's favorite fish in the tank was this enormous and very strange looking one that looked like it was missing its tail fin, but it wasn't.  It had a huge eye that looked at us all each time it passed and the girls dubbed it the Weirdo Fish.

Will fell in love with his Uncle Scott who would wrestle with him and carry him on his shoulders.  He learned quickly how to say Scott's and Tesha's names.

There's my 3 little mollusks.

Or are they bat rays? 

 Back at home again Sophie had a performance at school, so here she's practicing her songs with her class and awesome teacher.

 They're supposed to be shocked at the part of the song where you hear "Missed me, missed me, now you've gotta kiss me."  She explained to me how that is teasing and we don't ever say anything like that to anyone, especially not at school.  If only that were the worst I've ever heard her say to me. (le sigh)

 Back at home the trampoline continues to be a big hit.  Will has gotten big enough that he can hold his own on the tramp even when his sisters are bouncing all around him.

 And they get bouncing and flipping pretty good.

 The girls have made up some pretty awesome names (with their daddy's help) for their different bounces, like the Corkscrew, Ladder of Doom, Elbow Slam, and Back Drop.

 I believe this one is the Flying Eagle.

They were jumping with the sprinkler on underneath the tramp for the first time.  This is one way we'll beat the heat this summer.

William definitely prefers this to wearing clothes.  He's such a happy, sweet kid and so much fun. 

 This kid can get jumping pretty good when he's all alone on the trampoline.

We're all big fans and it was the best purchase we could've made for our backyard.  Hooray for May!