Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Blog's Reading Level

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Glad to know that I write to the level of education I have. :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Master Joseph

Joseph graduated with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from BYU today after 2 years of hard work. We are so proud of him and all he's learned and accomplished. So from now on you may refer to him as "Master Joseph". :DWe had our great families come to support us on Joseph's big day.
Joseph's family who came to the Convocation to see Joseph walk and receive his diploma.
My family who came to the Commencement and Convocation.
My very talented friend Tracy made this adorable cap and gown for Sophie to match her daddy. She loved it.

Joseph's group from the very first semester: Heather, Ryan, Tasuku, and John David.

Our good friends and neighbors, Danny and Poppy Thatcher.

Joseph and Brett

Bob! (who by this time tomorrow will be livin' it up at Starbucks!)

James and Bryce

Dinner with Reggie, Jared & Julie, and Ryan & Stephanie

Joseph and I are both really going to miss this program and all the wonderful people we've met here. You'd all better stay in touch! Congrats to Everyone and we love ya!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sophie Stuff

Going down the blow-up slide with daddy

Sophie's favorite thing to do is walk baby outside, all around the neighborhood.

Pretending to sleep in a box. She loooooves playing in boxes, and we sure have a lot of them to play in right now.

The graduates after Commencement Exercises.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cousin Lovin

This last year we started a really fun tradition of getting together once a month with my college-aged Austin cousins who live in the area to talk and eat and play games. We usually played "Teeter Totter" or "Signs" or a charade type game, and then almost always got in a round or two of "Mafia" as well (an Austin tradition). We crammed 20 or so of us into our little place and were glad we all like each other so much! It was so fun and something we truly looked forward to every month. We are so sad that last Sunday was our last party to host or attend for a long time. We will miss you all so much and love you! Thanks for the great memories!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Down on the Farm

We were lucky enough to get to go to two different farms this week! Sophie loves animals and when I explained where we were going, she kept repeating "hahm" over and over again and then the second farm we saw she said "animals" 480 times in the car on the way there. The first farm we visited was at Thanksgiving Point's Farm Country with the MBASA. The second was Wheeler Farm with my Mom and 2 of my brothers.
Sophie loved the horses as long as they were behind fences, but she wasn't too thrilled about being so close to this guy, even though he was the most docile creature I've ever encountered. She did like when he pulled us on the wagon ride, however.

She loved the chickens until she met up with a loud rooster who crowed right in her face. She burst into tears and wouldn't have anymore to do with any of them.

This cow barely got a nod in its direction from this little girl, but then again it was the very end of our trip and she was pretty tired by that point. She's for sure not one who does well missing her nap!

Sophie really liked the sheep with their new baby lambs at Wheeler Farm. This is perhaps a second cousin of hers (if you didn't know me pre-marriage, my maiden name is Lamb. :D)

Her uncles loved swinging Sophie and she could've kept doing it all day, which it almost already was since it took so many tries before I got a decent shot of them swinging her. Sophie sure loves all her uncles and aunts (and of course her grandmas and grandpas!)

I never did quite catch her in the air, though.

Jonny climbed up with Sophie into this tree house that she got a kick out of being in, so high off the ground. It was a tight squeeze; I'm impressed Jonny actually got in there!

Monday, April 14, 2008

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye

We have spent the entire weekend going to closing socials for the MBAA and MBASA and grad bashes and saying goodbye to the great friends we've met while we've been here at school the past two years. It's finally starting to hit that we're almost done and gone and it's such a sad thought! We've made some great friends here and will miss everyone a lot.Here's a bunch of the guys Joseph went to school and will graduate with next week. They had a great class and had a lot of fun together.With our good friends Mandy and James Randall at the MBA Closing Social dinner. Mandy taught our clogging class (see below) and did a great job.I got to help out a little on the Family Committee for the MBASA with these lovely ladies, Kim Mercer, my neighbors Emily Widdison and Poppy Thatcher, and Lindsey Fellars.
With Jessica Creer and Melissa Brandvold at the MBASA Closing Social
With Melissa Sutton
With Kim Mercer

And just because I never posted these, here are some pictures of the group that I clogged with every week this year at our performance in the MBA Talent Show. We had a lot of fun and though I was relieved when it was finally over because it was just too much bouncing for my pregnant belly, it was a great time that I already miss (and my body is missing that good exercise!)

The "Stompin' Spouses" consisted of me, Mandy Randall, Kori Archibald, Summer Lord, Andrea Gulden, Pattie Haines, Kindra Fairhurst, and Kricket Barnum. We had so much fun!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Don't ask me what was so enthralling about today's obituaries, but they had Sophie looking at them for quite a while. (And this scene is what our living room looks like after the Sophster hits it full force. (sigh))

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


As you probably saw on our sidebar, we have a graduation countdown going. We have such mixed feelings about finishing school. Joseph's really going to miss the friends he's made and he really enjoys learning and the whole school atmosphere, so he will miss all of that once he's working. And I'm going to miss all our friends in the ward and the MBASA, too! But we're also getting so excited for our move! The truck pulls out May 1st, so our days in Provo are really numbered. I think I've packed 10 boxes now, but I honestly keep looking around for more to pack and then think, "No, I'll need that before we move" so I'm finding myself way limited in what I can get done now.

This weather is about to drive me off the deep end since we can't go out in it, and we have cabin fever around here pretty bad. I know it'll get nice right when we're leaving just to spite us, but I don't care because we're going to the land of sun and sand so we'll get our fill of both before long I'm sure. We'll have about 3 weeks once we're there before Joseph has to start work, so we plan on spending our days at the pool or park, visiting Joseph's brother in Flagstaff, AZ, and going to Disneyland. Come join us if you want! We'll really only be a half hour from Disneyland so you're more than welcome to come stay with us when you go! Anyway, that's just a little update on our future plans, so we'll be busy over the next few weeks, but it'll be a really good busy.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Children's Discovery Museum

These picutres are a little bit older but I never did put them up. We were lucky enough to get to go to the Children's Discovery Museum at the Gateway a couple weeks ago with my friend Terrah and her little girl Cora before Terrah had her baby.

Sophie had a lot of fun feeding the balls down the various chutes.

This chute sucked the balls up and Cora was nice enough to hold the door open for Sophie to feed the ball in.

She got to try her musical hand on these.

But her favorite part was the water. If it has water, this girl is sold.

Sophie and Cora played together in the little kitchen of the house.

But only after she picked out the food from the market.

Nobody's ever let me check myself out of a store, but they let this little girl!

And then we rode into the sunset on our horse, Pronto.

It was such a fun day--thanks again, Terrah and Cora!