Friday, April 25, 2008

Master Joseph

Joseph graduated with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from BYU today after 2 years of hard work. We are so proud of him and all he's learned and accomplished. So from now on you may refer to him as "Master Joseph". :DWe had our great families come to support us on Joseph's big day.
Joseph's family who came to the Convocation to see Joseph walk and receive his diploma.
My family who came to the Commencement and Convocation.
My very talented friend Tracy made this adorable cap and gown for Sophie to match her daddy. She loved it.

Joseph's group from the very first semester: Heather, Ryan, Tasuku, and John David.

Our good friends and neighbors, Danny and Poppy Thatcher.

Joseph and Brett

Bob! (who by this time tomorrow will be livin' it up at Starbucks!)

James and Bryce

Dinner with Reggie, Jared & Julie, and Ryan & Stephanie

Joseph and I are both really going to miss this program and all the wonderful people we've met here. You'd all better stay in touch! Congrats to Everyone and we love ya!


Scott said...

Congratulations Master Jensen! You are now a Jedi Master. Welcome to the club!
-Master Francom

Lacey Lichi said...

Congrats Joseph! And congrats Becky for being the wife. I think that the wives should earn degrees along with the husbands. That is HARD work!

Jenny W said...

CONGRATS again! That is the majorest accomplishment Master Joseph! :) Becky, you look like a babe!

P.S. We are really going to miss you too!

The Ostler Family said...

Becky, whatever, you are a very beautiful pregnant woman (with cute clothes too!). How nice to be done with school and have a job. Congratulations!! I love the little cap and gown, that is so cute!

Brian & Heidi Haas said...

CONGRATULATIONS...Master Jensen!!! That is such a great accomplishment, you so totally ROCK!!!

Sonja said...

Way to GO Joseph!! Congratulations you guys! What a happy day! Sophie looks so great (and so do you, Becky!)

We sure are going to miss you. Thank you for sharing your testimonies and love. Best wishes in sunny LA!

The Lambs said...

I'm glad you exceeded your eating out budget for this month- you have to live it up with those friends that you've made and it looks like you definitely have! We're excited to see you Friday!!! Have a safe drive/flight!

Annie said...

congratulations and good luck with 'real' life! : ) post us on the moving progress.

Alyssa said...

CONGRATS you two!! Good luck with the big move-- I hope it all goes well.
I'm thinking of you :-)
Master Passey

Terrence and Kestlee said...

Master Joseph!!
Hey, it's Reverend T-Dooley soon to be "psuedo-doctor Dooley"(I guess that's what you would consider a P.A. right?). Actually, I'm just about to start my 2+ years of PA school in a couple of weeks. We're out here in Connecticut kickin' it with all the liberals and Yale elitests. :-)
I checked your old blog but I guess you don't do that anymore. Honestly, neither do I. I just thought I would get on the blog that Kestlee does and look at the the links. Good to see what your up to and Sophie is too cute!
Time to end this novel.

Laura said...

Congratulations Joseph!
It is such a small world; I can't believe how many random connections we have. I was Freshmen roommates with one of Joseph's MBA buds -Heather Tucker. I also noticed on Good Reads that you know Liz Raab/Hopkins who I know here in CA too. Crazy!