Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Water Babies

Have I mentioned that the girls love to be in the water? Both have ever since they were small babies.

Joseph caught some candid shots of the girls swimming before we moved (we miss the pool--sniff!) so here they are.

Avery loves to have her face in the water. Unusual, perhaps, but she kicks all over the pool with her face down in the water.

She also loves to kick all over on her back with her floaties on. It might take her a half hour to get from one end of the pool to the other kicking that way, but she gets there!

They are fearless, both of them. We were at a friend's pool today who has this big rock wall that Sophie jumped off of. Not to be outdone by her big sis, Avery got up and despite my protests flung herself off as well. And they both came up with the biggest smiles.

They sure love to play together which does a mama's heart good.

Anything Sophie can do, Avery can too.

I'd love if they both turned out to be swimmers someday like their mama was.


At church I have had the honor the last 3 years of working with some amazing teenage girls. Since we moved to another part of town we are now attending church in a different ward and so I had to say goodbye to my church calling with these sweet girls.
Fortunately, that didn't mean goodbye to seeing them since we're only 10 minutes away. But since it's always fun to have a party, we decided to have a goodbye party of sorts at our community pool.

I am going to so miss working closely with these girls. They are truly all incredible. They are sweet, sassy, hilarious, kind, talented, and have become very good friends. Their nickname for me is "Grandma" (long story) but fortunately they had the tact to tell me that they consider me a big sister to them rather than a mom (since I could really only legitimately be a mother to the youngest of them, but even that would've been a stretch).

They always managed to put a smile on my face.

Here are 7 of my Young Women so 5 were missing in this picture. My girls think they are the bees knees and loved being included in any activity they could with the "big girls".

Thanks for making my calling so much fun! I already miss you all more than you can know!

I love you, Metzli, Aubrey, Megan, Emily, Katie, Veronica, Lauren, Rieley, Bekkah, Alyssa, Tara, and Kelley!


We took a fun field trip to the fire station with our moms group.
Sophie got to drive the big truck.

And Avery took a turn as well.

They could have stared at that truck all day.

They even got to take turns shooting the hose.

Tons of foamy soap came out with the water which the kids then played in for the next half hour. They were covered from head to toe in big white bubbles and had a blast.

And just for fun, aren't the men in my life handsome? (even if my husband's hair dresser (ahem--me) was severely slacking in her hair cutting duties.)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dancing Queens

Avery and Sophie were so excited to dance together at their dance recital.

Their class isn't the most technical or best taught, but I think they could win awards for their costumes. The girls definitely felt like true ballerinas.

The dance was to "Skiddamarink".

All the girls in the class.

Avery might not have spent much time dancing at the recital, but at least she remembered to smile most of the time!

Sophie on the other hand was a model student, leading all the other girls through the dance like a champ.

Avery spent more time scratching her head than dancing, but she was sure cute!

Despite what you might think they weren't doing push-ups here. This was their favorite "dance move", called the Frog Dance.

We love our dancing queens!

Silly Kiddies

Sophie and Avery went to their friend Hank's birthday party. I thought the theme was very clever: a Mustache Bash. All the kids got to wear mustaches, either glued on or painted on, and the girls thought it was hilarious.

Will is obsessed with his tongue lately. And as you can see, he also has a fondness for eating.

What a faker.


The girls love love love to swim and are fearless in the water. They have these princess diving sticks that Avery throws in the water and Sophie dives after. The deep end of our pool is 5 ft. but Sophie can get down that far to get the princesses even. Avery's still in floaties for my sanity, but hopefully we will get her swimming independently this summer because she's so ready to do it. They'd stay all day in the pool if we'd let them.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tia Ria Gets Married!

Joseph's sister Maria (a.k.a. Tia Ria to her nieces and nephews) married a boy from Finland named Teppo Jottenus in the Jordan River LDS Temple.
We think Teppo rocks the Jean Luc Picard look. He's probably smart enough that he could fly the Enterprise if he had to as well. He's currently studying particle physics at MIT. I think he brought the collective IQ of the family way up when he joined it.

Most of all, he is a really great guy and we are thrilled for him and Maria to have found each other. I think they like each other just a little bit. ;)

Teppo's parents are on the left. You won't meet two kinder and better people than these two. Teppo's father was announced in the last General Conference as a new area authority for the Church over Finland and surrounding countries. It was a pleasure to be able to get to know them and their other children at the wedding.

Maria is the 8th of the 10 kids to get married which is why we make such a big group with "just" the parents, kids, and spouses (and Grandpa Jensen). I am blessed to have been able to marry into such a great family and truly love these people.

I think Joseph had just been rubbing The Bowling Ball for luck.

The Jensen family with the exception of Erik who is currently serving a mission in Independence Missouri, ASL speaking.

Joseph and I love this picture of all the grandkids (except Jensen, Siesa, Elsie, James, Jacob, and Bennett). You have every range of emotion possible, from complete boredom to absolute terror...and then there's our girls. Granted, they were in a good mood still at this point in the reception, but their smiles were helped along a bit by a little something called a fruit snack bribe. It worked!

The whole fam damily.

Maria's siblings (she's right in the middle, birth order-wise)

The obligatory tough guy picture with the groom, his two brothers, and his 8 brothers-in-law.

Will liked the dancing part of the evening best.

Joseph's mom, Bob, transformed the church gym into such a beautiful place for the reception. She made these chandeliers herself, just came up with the whole idea on her own. If I could have an ounce of her creativity it would be lovely.

Teppo and Maria really wanted to incorporate a lot of Finnish traditions into the reception like a formal waltz by the married couple as well as a Finnish wedding cake. So his mother made these delicious desserts that my children had a hard time keeping their fingers out of before it was cut. Those raspberries were so tempting. It tasted as good as it looked.

Del Mar

We were able to join my parents and my brother Peter's family at a time share in Del Mar that Abby's parents, the Hunters, have. It was a very fun couple of days.

One day, without planning it, Will ended up dressed just like his cousins Austin and Gabe. Cute boys.

Sophie and Austin had fun playing in this sand box by the pool for a while.

They are best buds whenever they get together. It's fun to watch them play and use their imaginations.

Then there was the pool, or I guess I should say poolS. There was a shallow one for the kids and then two others on top of that. The kids could have played out there with Grandpa Lamb all day, and almost did. They love his Shamu rides that harken back to when I was a kid riding on his back in the pool.

The villa that you see here behind this pool is the Hunter's place. It's a hard knock life. :) It had so many rooms and was perfect for hosting a few families at once. In addition to playing in the pool we also got to walk to get yummy gelato and the kids played on the golf cart for probably longer than they should've. The parents played games once the kiddos were asleep.

The last day there we visited the Mormon Battalion Museum in San Diego. They have recently updated it and it is incredible. We were very impressed with the presentations and videos and learned a lot. The kids loved the pictures that talked to them and getting to pan for gold and other fun things they had there.

Will went in the pool for maybe the second time ever. He liked it for only so long before it was just too cold for the little guy to take.

He loved hanging out with Gramma Lamb, though, and I loved having an extra pair of hands to hold him, too! Thanks, Hunters and Lambs, for a very fun weekend!