Sunday, April 20, 2008

Down on the Farm

We were lucky enough to get to go to two different farms this week! Sophie loves animals and when I explained where we were going, she kept repeating "hahm" over and over again and then the second farm we saw she said "animals" 480 times in the car on the way there. The first farm we visited was at Thanksgiving Point's Farm Country with the MBASA. The second was Wheeler Farm with my Mom and 2 of my brothers.
Sophie loved the horses as long as they were behind fences, but she wasn't too thrilled about being so close to this guy, even though he was the most docile creature I've ever encountered. She did like when he pulled us on the wagon ride, however.

She loved the chickens until she met up with a loud rooster who crowed right in her face. She burst into tears and wouldn't have anymore to do with any of them.

This cow barely got a nod in its direction from this little girl, but then again it was the very end of our trip and she was pretty tired by that point. She's for sure not one who does well missing her nap!

Sophie really liked the sheep with their new baby lambs at Wheeler Farm. This is perhaps a second cousin of hers (if you didn't know me pre-marriage, my maiden name is Lamb. :D)

Her uncles loved swinging Sophie and she could've kept doing it all day, which it almost already was since it took so many tries before I got a decent shot of them swinging her. Sophie sure loves all her uncles and aunts (and of course her grandmas and grandpas!)

I never did quite catch her in the air, though.

Jonny climbed up with Sophie into this tree house that she got a kick out of being in, so high off the ground. It was a tight squeeze; I'm impressed Jonny actually got in there!


Jill Hunt said...

So much fun. My boys loving going to Thanksgiving point. That is something we need to do real soon! I sure am going to miss you when you leave, which is soon right?

Julia Deaver said...

We loved the Farm also! It was such a fun time! We plan on going one more time before we leave.

Annie said...

good thing sophie is getting some farm animal time before you move to the urban jungle! :) loved seeing you last week, will email and post pictures soon. good luck packing!

Sidsie and Derek said...

I didn't realize how red Sophie’s hair is. I love it. It looks like you had fun at the farm. I really need to take my kids to see some animals.
Happy graduation Joseph
We love you guys.

Sabrina said...

We were so hoping to go but plans changed. It looks like you had a great time at both.

I just made my blog private after a scary comment so I need to send you an invite. Please email me at and I will send you one. See you later.