Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Reasons Why My Boyfriend is Better Than Yours

 ...like build block towers on my head to make him laugh.

And then let him knock them down over and over.

I thought I'd compile a list of reasons why my boyfriend is amazing.
#1- He looks cute even when he's dirty...

#2-But he cleans up really well, too.

 #3- Tom Cruise doesn't even look better in shades than this dude.  He can play the hero...

 #4- But he can play the pirate when needed as well.

#5-  He isn't afraid of anything.

#6- He's cute just like his dad.
 #7- He'll let a girl drive...no male chauvenism here.

#8- He'll even stop and ask for directions.

 #9- He takes me out on exciting dates.
 #10- He's got great taste in clothes.  (We're working on keeping them clean.)

 #11- He loves animals.

#12- He's not afraid to show his crafty, creative side.
#13- He loves the outdoors, especially throwing rocks into water.
#14- He takes meal times seriously and always compliments me on my cooking.

#15- And he's a fantastic dancer!  What more could a girl ask for?

I love you, Will!


m said...

SO cute! I agree he is a terrific boyfriend and I love and miss him. Glad you focus on those great qualities to keep your balance when he strays into the terrible-two-tantrums!

annie leavitt said...

oh becky! he is so handsome! what a beautiful boy you guys added to your gorgeous girls.

miss you friend : )

Sabrina O'Malley said...

Super cute... both of you!

Emily Widdison said...

such a cute post and such a cute little guy!