Sunday, March 04, 2007

I'm a True (Half) Lamb!

In Becky's family her dad would always test to see if the babies were "true Lambs" by holding them up by their feet in the palm of his hand, and if they could stand, they passed the test. Here's Joseph trying it out with Sophie, who really could do this over a month ago. She passed--whew! Sophie can also sit up all by herself, at least in the frog position. She's 5 months old today, too! What a big girl!


The Elders said...

Sophie is so cute! What a talented little girl. Ashlyn would probably just flop over, she is a little on the lazy side. Wish we lived closer so our girls could be buddies!

Mel. said...

Hi Becky!!! Your daughter is so cute! Thanks for the comment on my blog too... I am way excited too! Here's the email address for you: I just put up an address post so we can keep track of everyone's up-to-date addresses that way. How are things going for you by the way?

:) smiles.