Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

It may not look like Christmas around here with palm trees and without any snow, but these last few days have been pretty cold, and if you add all the crazy Christmas decorations people put up around here, it at least feels like Christmas.

We went to my Grandpa Lamb's home for Thanksgiving, and he had already put up his lights and was so excited to turn them on for the great grandkids to see.  They were in awe.

They couldn't get enough of it all and we played outside around them all for a long time.  My Grandpa used to help put up the lights on the L.A. Temple every year, so he is the light master.  You take any broken light strand to him and he can fix it.

Sophie is finally old enough to start understanding some of the traditions of Christmas.  I explained Santa to her one night and then we watched "The Polar Express" and she was mesmerized.  We talk a lot about what Santa represents at Christmastime, but we stress over and over the real meaning of Christmas.  She loves the story of Christ's birth and so long as that stays the central focus I'm happy.

She was so excited to get to sit on Santa's lap the morning we had breakfast with him.  She didn't stop smiling the entire time she was there.  Before we went I asked her what she was going to ask him for, and she said she wanted a bike.  I knew that before and we don't have any intentions of getting her a bike this year, so instead I coached her to ask for something else that I think she'll like that I already happen to have for her (isn't that how all parents operate when it comes to Christmas?  Or am I just really mean?)  She did ask him for it because she was excited at the thought of it, so it's a win/win for us. :)

Avery was hilarious to watch on Santa's lap.  I honestly had no idea how she'd react to him.  At this age Sophie screamed and wanted nothing to do with him, so I figured Avery would be the same.  But instead she just settled into his arm, relaxed as if she did this every day, and stared at all of us laughing at her like we were crazy.  It was so funny.

Here are two more funnies with their orange smiles at breakfast.  I love this season!  It's the most wonderful time of the year for sure.  We can't wait to spend Christmas in Utah with our families in just one week when it really does look and feel like Christmas.  We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season as well.


m said...

I'm so glad you are all so uninhibited. I LOVE all the pics!
See you at the airport in a week!!!

Lindsay said...

Your girls were so good with Santa. :) Mackay was Santa Claus at our ward Christmas party...oh the tears and the cruel and unusual punishment to take a "cute" picture. :)

Annie said...

ah, tacky christmas decor. seems like my girls LOVE only tacky stuff. blow up stuff and all.

Sabrina said...

I am very impressed that Avery did not cry. Looks like you had a great day.

Katie said...

So cute! We loved your Christmas card. My computer crashed a few weeks before Christmas so my card giving didn't turn out quite like I wanted it to. We think your family is adorable and love staying in touch through the wonderful world of blogging!