Friday, December 04, 2009

Book Lovers

Our girls love books! Avery has really gotten into them lately. She started out just flipping through them herself and whatever speed she wanted, but lately she's enjoyed sitting on our laps and actually hearing the entire story read to her. She has her favorites that she has learned by heart, and she'll finish off each sentence for us as we read them to her now. Here's her doing just that to a book called "What is a Princess?"

And I added this one on, too, because I just think her little "no" is so adorable. I love my girls, and I love that they love to read just like their daddy and mommy do!


Erin said...

Oh wow! That was adorable! I was smiling the whole time I watched. Avery's little "no" is precious. Joseph is such a good dad. :)

Emily Widdison said...

you are right---her little NOoooooo is so cute!

m said...

Oh, thank you SO much for capturing those priceless moments on camera! LOVE it!

Deborah Austin said...


You do such a great job being grateful for motherhood it is a breath of fresh air I love it. I love your post on being a mom that was a fun sweet way of putting it. I hope your little/guy gal can come when the time is right.

Your girls are so so cute!

I love the forts isn't that one of the funnest things for kids? They always love doing that. My kids love it to.

Thanks for sharing your sweet thoughts and insights.