Tuesday, December 01, 2009

LA Arboretum

The girls and I spent a day at the LA Arboretum a month or so ago on a sunny, beautiful day.

It was beautiful there as we walked along trails surrounded be greenery and saw peacocks strutting everywhere.  There were ponds with ducks, waterfalls, and other beauties of nature as far as the eye could see.

Sophie doesn't remember seeing a waterfall before, so she and Avery both stared at this one for quite a long time and were pretty mesmerized by it.

The man who owned this property initially and made it what it is today built this home, called a Queen Anne cottage, for his family.  It's white with pretty red trimming and is so cute.  I guess it was the home they used in the 70's show Fantasy Island.  It still looks the same and would have been a really rough place to have had to grow up in. ;)

We're having fun taking advantage of all the fun things there are to see around here (especially on the free admission days) and are glad the weather's still so nice that we can do that.  I love field trips with my favorite girls!

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m said...

As Dad recently commented, you are the kind of mom who gives her children her 100% attention, and how blessed they are! As are you! You have done such a good job of taking advantage of all the things there are to see and do while you still live in SoCal. If the day comes that you move on, you'll leave with no regrets. Way to go!