Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Nursery

Sophie's nursery is filled with so many things that have been given to her by family and friends who already love her. The Winnie the Pooh was there when we moved in, but we thought it fit with the other things we have and made the room complete. We can't wait to bring her home and show her all the beatutiful things that are hers. What a spoiled little girl already! :D


Daniel Burton said...

Oh, my freakin' heck. Joseph and Becky had a baby...WOW. That's freaking awesome.

She's a total babe. Got her mom's good looks and her dad's sweet moves.

Sam (Hewett) Bonser said...

Congrats Becky!!!! Being a mom is hard but its worth it!! She's beautiful!

Alana Crowley said...

She is sooo cute Becky! Good luck being a new mommy. It is a lot of fun. Make sure you keep the pictures coming- ALANA

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending us your baby's photos and information. She is absolutely gorgeous and we are so looking forward to meeting her in a few weeks when we bring Brooklyn to the MTC. Your parents are pretty excited about being grandparents- I am looking forward to that day myself, but it will be a long way down the road- since we need to get these girls married first and since two out of three are on missions- I don't think it will happen any time soon. Keep us updated on your beautiful daughter, we are so happy for you. I love the name Sophie Jo too.

Love Jeanne & Kent

Anonymous said...

My goodness, Sophie Jo, you are joining a high-tech world! We love the website all about you, you beautiful doll!
Love, Betsy & Stephen

Anonymous said...

Congrats Becky...little girls are so much fun! I should know, I am working on number 3 myself! Sophie is just beautiful and Mommy looks amazing too! We are soooo happy for your new little family!

Love Tonya, Jason, Ella, Ava, & lil miss #3