Friday, October 27, 2006

Happy Halloween!

We went to two Halloween parties this year. Sophie was our little pumpkin, quite literally, Joseph was a blind ref (hopefully he won't be reffing any BYU games this year) and Becky was the Tooth Fairy (or perhaps the toothless fairy would've been more accurate.) We had lots of fun!


sugarfreesweetie said...

Thanks for stopping by yesterday. It was great to see you. I told Chris and Kathryn all about your visit, and of course, about the little one. I said she looks just like you. Tall, skiny, and with your nose and ears. What a doll. Thanks for sharing all of the fun pictures. Love that pumpkin costume!
Jen Dean

Anonymous said...

I must say she is pretty cute. The costumes are great. Love you guys. - Aunt Ramona