Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Easter!

Grampa Easter Bunny laying eggs

Look, Mom, I found one!

That sneaky bunny tried to camouflage a green egg in a tree, but he wasn't smart enough for Austin! How did he lay one up there anyway?

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday with Becky's family in Texas. Grampa Lamb even put on his bunny ears and hopped around Peter and Abby's yard "laying" eggs all over the grass. We ran around with the grandbabies (and adults) picking up the bunny droppings everywhere and had a great time.

Dad, Mom, Abby, and Julie worked hard for 2 days to clean and stain Peter and Abby's fence before Geoff, Sophie and I showed up and while Peter was at work. (I promise we weren't just slave drivers sipping lemonades on the porch while we worked them with whips.) It looked amazing compared to the way it was before!


Holly (or James) said...

Dude, your dad looks awesome!!

Holly (or James) said...

How far apart are Sophie and Austin? Cute babies!!

Becky & Joseph Jensen said...

They're exactly 4 months apart, so that'll be fun for them to be close in age and in the same class and such. That's probably how it'll be for Jack and Paige, right? I was pretty close to some of my guy cousins, so I know they'll be good buds.