Saturday, May 19, 2007

All In A Day's Work...

Here are some things I work very hard at doing throughout a typical day:

There are these two grown-ups around here who need constant supervision and entertainment, and sometimes it's quite hard to provide that all day long! Often I have to go to extreme measures to keep them happy, like by "climbing" into this basket just for something new.

I read lots of books to them...

...and sometimes I even sneak a chance to read to myself!

Staying clean is hard work, but I love my bath time, so that helps.

And it is not easy being a champion sleeper, both during the day as well as at night, but I am! I love my crib and blankets and pillows, and I take 2 sometimes 3 long naps during the day (2-3 hours each) and then usually sleep about 10 hours straight at night. Hard work, but I love it!


Tonya said... are so sweet & NICE to your mommy by taking such good naps & sleeping so well at night. Ahem...please have a chat with my 3 lil muskateers! They are so nice to mommy!



Tonya said...

oops...that was supposed to read..."they are NOT so nice to mommy! (smile)

Lil' Dean Fam said...

You are quite lucky to have such a good sleeper. Love the way this blog is written.

The Elders said...

What a life, could you help me relax a little more in my lifestyle? You seem to have to down to a "T" Sophie!

Holly or James said...

Lucky you! THat's great what a great sleeper Sophie is. Jack is taking about 3 naps a day and sleeping for about 12 hours at night, but he'll wake up 2 or 3 times during those 12 hours. Jack loves sleeping a lot better than Caleb did.