Friday, December 28, 2007

Our Little Family Christmas

We had Christmas as a family on the 23rd so we could open our presents to each other then. Sophie loved the blocks, magnets, and little recorder she got. But her favorite part by far were the boxes. She's finally discovered the joy of boxes and has made them into boats, planes, and little homes for herself where she takes her pillow and books and stays for hours. It's quite adorable to watch.


Bambi said...

What a pretty little girl! She is so much fun.

Brian & Heidi Haas said...

Don't kids just make EVERYTHING more enjoyable! Glad to see you guys had such a fun holiday!

Momma K & Big J said...

You guys are CUTE! Thanks for your fun comment on my blog. We just may take you up on that next year--how fun. It's too late for me to do it now; I'm officially OLD. :) See you soon!