Saturday, June 05, 2010

Princess Parties Galore

Sophie has been invited to 3 parties in the last two months, and they've all been Princess-themed.

For each one she was asked to dress up like a Princess. Her first party was for her friend Natalie who turned 5, and she chose this dress which she calls her Jasmine dress.

Sophie's criteria on whether a dress is good or not is how well it can twirl. This is a good one.

The girls were ushered into the bathroom where they all got to have their nails painted and lip gloss applied to their lips. She's always begging me to do this for her at home so she was in h-e-a-v-e-n.

They played a lot of fun games like Pass the Princess, Musical Throwns, Pin the Kiss on the Frog, and Find Cinderella's Lost Slipper.

Sophie had a ball (pun intended) and could do this every single day. Natalie is the cute blonde in the center with the blue Tiana dress on.

The next Princess Party was for Sophie's friend Jensen who turned 4. This time Sophie chose to dress up in her purple dress.

These girls were so adorable, sitting around the table and chatting while they ate their yummy appetizers and sipped their juice.

And guess who showed up for this party? Cinderella herself was there (or so they all truly believed). She really was an incredible Cinderella, and when she walked in the girls' jaws all dropped to the ground and they were struck with idol shock. (Jensen is the little Cinderella on the left.)

Cinderella did a lot of fun activities with the girls including painting their faces or hands,

playing a game where they had to get the wand to Cinderella's hand,

and another game of looking for Cinderella's glass slipper. Then she sang a couple of Cinderella's songs for them, and wouldn't ya know, she had an amazing voice to boot. These girlies all had a great time and looked for Cinderella's orange pumpkin coach to come retrieve her at the end and take her back to the castle. Good thing it didn't or Sophie would've probably jumped aboard, too.

The last Princess Party was for Sophie's friend Paige who also turned 4. She went in her pink costume that she has christened her Glinda dress from Wizard of Oz. Once again the girls got their nails painted and makeup applied, and they played so many fun games and Sophie loved every minute of it.

Sophie chose some Polly Pockets to give Paige for her present and then insisted that she open them right then and there so they could all play with them. By the end of the party she had way more hearts painted on her face than I would have liked, but they all came off in the pool that night anyway.

It's a good thing that Sophie doesn't get to have a friends party this year for her birthday, or I have a hunch what kind of party we'd be throwing. And I for one am all princessed out!


shelly said...

That off the shoulder number is my favorite. Total 80's throwback, princess style. My favorite shirt of Aves' is off the shoulder, with a built in tank underneath. I like that idea of alternating friends and family parties. You're just full of good ideas, so keep posting!!

terrah said...

Oh what perfect timing! I'm planning a princess party as we speak, and these are all great ideas, though I'm not sure I can swing a Cinderella visit :). I may have to email you to ask about some of the details. It's our first friend birthday party, and I'm all new to this. I tried to explore some different party themes with Cora (doesn't a Pinkalicious party sound like fun?) but she refused. Princesses it is!

Shelly said...

Again, I am taken by the adorable-ness of your children. They are so cute!

Wendy said...

look at that- we made the blog. i am so proud. it was awesome having you and sophie at the party. we miss you...=(