Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Avery's Second Birthday!

Avery turned 2 on July 4th. We started celebrating the day before, though, because you can never celebrate a birthday too much.

I made Avery a doll cake because she likes dolls but other than watermelon (see above) she doesn't really love anything else obsessively like Sophie did at this age. I think she liked her cake since she could hardly keep her fingers out of it.

I had fun experimenting with this since I've never done one before. I used a cake mold that I already had and just put the doll pick in the top, and luckily the proportions worked out alright for not getting the real doll mold. I thought it was cute that the doll head even looks like Avery with her crazy curly hair.

For her party we went to Chuck E. Cheese's. I have many many fond memories of birthday parties here from when I was young, so I hoped the girls would enjoy it, too. Their cousins Austin and Gabe came up which made it even better. Thanks for joining us!

My favorite game was always Skee Ball when I was a kid, so I was excited to see these kids try it out. Unfortunately those balls are so heavy to throw that they either ended up running up the ramp and just tossing them in the holes, or chucking them overhead which often resulted in nearly missing other people's heads.

I was a little disappointed in the variety of games they have there now. Most were geared toward older kids or adults. But the kids still had fun.

Avery loved all the ride-on toys, but I'm in trouble now because you know all those toys outside grocery stores I've always let the kids sit on but never put the quarter in? Yeah, my cover is blown. They now know that those toys actually move, so they won't be satisfied with just sitting on the horsies anymore I think. Dang.

Avery blew out the candles on her cake so quickly that I didn't even get a shot till it was over! I remember Sophie taking several tries before she could get hers out at this age, but Avery apparently knows how to get it done!

We waited to open presents until her actual birthday. I don't know who was more excited about getting them open, Avery or Sophie. Probably Sophie.

Avery was just as happy putting pen caps on her fingers as she was playing with anything else she got.

Joseph thought I was crazy to get her makeup and her own laptop, but both were purchased with the hope that she'll now leave my makeup and laptop alone! She's obsessed with both, and Avery plus makeup or electronics always equals disaster.

That evening we went to the park so Avery could swing her heart out.

They love their underdogs and Joseph was so kind to oblige them in giving them over and over again.

Happy girl
She could live in a swing and be content.
They love to swing on their tummies, too.

I love this shot of Sophie. It's actually a genuine smile without hair in her face for once!

Even Joseph got in on the upside down action.

Just hanging out.

We sure love you, Avery Jane! We hope you had a wonderful birthday and know how grateful we are that you joined our family 2 years ago. Your love for life radiates from you and you bring so much joy to our lives, too. Happy Birthday, 2-year old!


annie leavitt said...

i love watching your girls grow up becky. they are so adorable and i think twins to mine.

what is it about second borns and swings? avery is a doll and it seems like yesterday you were pregnant with her.

hope all is well with you and your little watermelon you're growing. is it another little lady or little man?

: )

Sabrina O'Malley said...

Happy Birthday! What beautiful girls! And what a fun time of year to have a birthday party. Hope you are all enjoying your summer.

The Hyer Family said...

Love the cake--you're amazing. And it looks pretty perfect even though you still insist your cakes have flaws--I don't see them!

Wendy said...

happy birthday avery!! what adorable girls you have!

m said...

What great pics at the park! They are such fun girls, and we can hardly wait to have more time to play with them. As I was looking at the blog, Gabe just got so excited and shouted their names over and over.
I love how well the doll cake turned out; perfectly proportioned! You do so well.