Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Sweet Watermelon Summer

We had a great summer. We moved, of course, so it wasn't exactly stress free, but it was fun, partially because of our new home.

We discovered that this is our watermelon boy. And our strawberry boy, and our grapes boy, and our banana boy. Basically, this kid loves fruit. Takes after his mom...and dad.

We love our new home. We ate outside on our patio every single evening, enjoying the warm summer nights as we rolled in the grass and watched the hummingbirds drink from our flowers.

We planted a few things in our garden including cucumbers, tomatillos, basil, tomatoes, oregano, and watermelon. We were surprised how many things grew so well, including this big watermelon. Our plant only gave us the one, but we were grateful to get it, and so big!

To say the girls were excited about it would be the understatement of the year. They monitored its progress every day and were overjoyed when we finally proclaimed that it was large enough and could be picked. We were especially excited because we'd seen on the tag when we planted it that it was supposed to be yellow inside. We couldn't wait to find out if it was true.

Sure enough, it was in fact a yellow watermelon. It tasted every bit as juicy and delicious as a red one, and probably more so because we grew it ourselves. It was awesome. The other fun discovery for the girls this summer was when I paired the home grown tomatoes with the basil. They thought that was fantastic, and Sophie decided that sometime we needed to make the tomatoes into soup and put basil with it. Imagine her surprise when I showed her some the next time we were at Costco. "Someone thought of my idea!" she said. It was pretty funny. I love eating fresh yummies from our very own backyard!

We did a lot of other fun stuff this summer, including a birthday party at a bounce house place for my friend Tanya's daughter Erica.

(And if you're wondering why William looks so feminine and petite in this picture it's because it's his cousin Nona. I was watching her for the afternoon when we went to the birthday party. She is so cute and has the best smile on the planet.)

Well, except maybe for this one. I'm biased, but his grin when he sees Momma is pretty hard to beat in my opinion. Will was pretty excited to get in on the slide action and was a definite fan, so long as his daddy was going with him. Can you tell he doesn't miss many meals?

We were excited we had our first official house guests in our new home. Our friends the Bowns's game to visit for a couple of days and our girls really hit it off. They still ask when Jules and Lorien are coming back to play.

It took a couple silly pictures to get one serious one where everyone was looking...

...but we finally managed it. We had a blast with you here, so thanks for making the trip to Disneyland so we could see you!
I'm missing the summer already, so it's a good thing they come around every year!


Jessica said...

your kids are so cute! and i am super impressed with your garden. we tried one the first summer we were in cincinnati and it was not exactly a roaring success. hahaha. perhaps we'll have to try again one of these days...

Unknown said...

wow, that little girl can already curl her tongue. amazing.

Unknown said...

no, that was not unknown- that is me mario. i mean squat

m said...

It's OK, Scott. All my comments come with the J's picture, so our anonymity is mutual. :^)
Becky, I love how the fruits of your labors all enjoy the fruit of your family's labor. Cool garden, and it was great to see it in person!

kim said...

Aw, you got to see Danna! And I love chubby baby thighs. We don't have any of those around our house, so we have to admire others'.