Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Wedding Flashback Party

We hosted a fun party at our house for the week of Valentine's. We invited 5 other couples to come relive their wedding days with us in a Wedding Flashback party.

We started with a Wedding Song game where each couple had to guess the wedding songs of everyone in the room and whose belonged to whom. The songs went back to hits from the 80's to contemporary favorites. It was tough, but Joseph did really well guessing for our team since I already knew all the answers from creating the game.

(Jennifer came dressed up for the occasion and looked awesome!)
The next game we played was a Newlywed Game. The girls got a set of questions and the guys got another set and we wrote down our answers and then tried to guess what our spouse would have answered. If your answer matched your spouse's you got a point. Questions were things like: "What was the first thing you noticed about your spouse?", "My husband is the world's best ________", "What scent most reminds you of your spouse?", "If you could get rid of one thing of your spouse's what would it be?", and so on. Some of the answers were hilarious like when Curtis described their first kiss.

After we compared answers we tallied up how well we'd all done and the winners got a gift card as a prize. The VanWoerkom's took home the title of the couple who knows each other the best, and that's with 12 years under their belts! The couple with the lowest point total h̶a̶d̶ t̶o̶ got to reenact cutting their wedding cake.

I was shocked when it was the "newlyweds" of only 2 years who lost, but in the end the Ashtons were the best couple to do this because they really hammed up the cutting of the cake. And then they did something they didn't do on their wedding day and smashed the cake into each other's faces when feeding it to each other.

After this we turned on their wedding song and made them dance to it in front of everyone. They hammed that up, too, and it was awesome.

We had such a fun night and look forward to the next group date night!


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Jessica said...

that sounds like so much fun! i wish we could have been there to participate. what a great idea to do a big group date. we might just have to steal this idea... :)

Holly or James said...

What a fun idea! that would be fun to try some Valentine's Day weekend. (:

Aimee said...

We may have to copy this idea. It sounds so fun! Thanks for the creative date suggestion.