Sunday, June 03, 2007

Busy Week

It has been quite a week! We started off with a fun Memorial Day holiday BBQing with Becky's family in Provo, and then Becky went with her mom and dad to see:

who were performing at the Scera Shell amphitheatre in Orem. There are only 2 guys left from the original band, and their voices definitely aren't the same as they used to be, but it was so fun to hear them perform my mom's favorite ("Windy") and my dad's favorite ("Cherish") as well as great hits like "Never My Love" and "Then Along Comes Mary."

Becky also finished reading Harry Potter Book 6 in anticipation of Book 7 coming out in a month! It was still fabulous the second time through! Joseph and I agree that Book 4 is our favorite, then Book 6. (I also loved Book 5 the second time, even though I didn't really like it the first.) We know we're HP geeks, but we don't care. :)

We can hardly stand it until the last HP book comes out on July 21st. For Mother's Day Joseph ordered the book for me from Amazon to be delivered on my doorstep that day or it will be free. Is Snape bad or good? Will Harry live? Will Hermione and Ron finally hook up? All these questions and more will be answered (which will be nice since we spend a ton of time these days postulating as to how Rowling will end everything.)

We also went to two graduations this weekend, seeing Julie graduate from Skyline High and Miya graduate (as valedictorian and commencement speaker) from Granger High. We're so proud of both of you!

And then to end the week on a good note, I got to borrow the second Fablehaven book that just came out and I've read half of that so far. If you haven't heard of or read these books yet, they're fabulous. The author, Brandon Mull, is LDS and used to be in Divine Comedy at BYU, so the books are funny and creative and a little bit along the HP vein, too, so if you like fantasy, you'll love these books!


Jordan & Jandee said...

Becky! I'm so glad you and Joseph are Potter heads too.... I'm definitely stoked for book 7 Jordan and I have been listening to the books on tape to refresh and we have a small wager going on what is going to happen... also here is an interesting piece of information I just found out. Universal Studios is building a new "Harry Potter" theme park in Florida, complete with a castle and everything! Well anyway we should get together soon so we can discuss HP among other things :)

Erin said...
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Erin said...

Mike and I were invited to the Association concert by my in-laws, but we decided we'd rather watch the Jazz game. My in-laws were there and said, like you, that they sure don't sound the same as they use to.

Holly or James said...

I love the HP, can you convince my wife to read them?