Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Territory

My baby is growing up! Until this week I hadn't before noticed such a drastic change all at once, but she seems to have done so many new things in just a couple of days that it's been crazy! She's entered the I-don't-ever-want-to-sit-anymore-I-just-want-to-stand stage and pulls herself up onto everything, usually to pound on it and pull things onto the floor. She's also therefore starting to get into everything, and I've freaked out once over a blood red mouth that only ended up being a red dye from a flower she found and stuck in her mouth and then got everywhere. I'm not sure I'm ready for all this. She's asserting her independence by cutting her usual nap time in half so I am only getting half of the things done that I want/need to, and she thinks she's indestructible, so she often ends up falling and hurting herself because she's sure she can handle pulling herself up onto that unstable thing. (Don't worry, I'm always there watching, but sometimes I don't get to her before she's down.)
Sophie has started to pull herself up in her crib as well, and we have found her standing when we go to get her from her nap. So today we lowered the crib down to a safer level. I used to be able to just lay Sophie down and she'd find her thumb and her favorite pillow and be pretty good about going right to sleep, then sleeping for a long time. But just this week she has started to roll back over, then sit up, then stand when I try to lay her down. So this morning when I put her down for her nap, she did that and I decided instead of fighting her I'd just see what she'd do. She eventually laid herself down and not too long after, I heard music coming from her room. I couldn't figure out where it would be coming from because she couldn't possibly reach and then wind her mobile, and there was nothing else in her crib, so I had to laugh when I saw the source of the music. Sophie had reached her hand through the crib bars and turned on her swing's music, and it had lulled her to sleep. What a smartie! I'm glad something worked to get her out! Here's her asleep with her hand "in the cookie jar."

Here's how she got her music to turn on. I wonder if this will be a regular occurrence!

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Holly or James said...

That is HILARIOUS! I was laughing when I read about how she's rolling over and standing up after you lay her down. That's so funny! I guess I can be glad for that one reason that Jack is so lazy and won't do anything on his own. At least he's not getting into things. . . yet.