Monday, November 05, 2007

The Evolution of a Meal with a Toddler

I was feeding Sophie her oatmeal for breakfast and after a few bites she took the spoon out of my hand and put it in her mouth herself. That's the first time she's fed herself with a spoon! So we kept that up for a while until I decided to see what she'd do if she had the bowl in front of her, too. She could get the oatmeal on the spoon if I helped her, then she would put it in her mouth and that's how it went for a little while. But it didn't last long. How quickly things deteriorate with a toddler. :)
It became much too much work to put the food on the spoon, so we abandoned that and went straight for the oatmeal with our hands.
Once we got down far enough and our tummy was full, we resorted to just playing with the oatmeal.
When that got old we just played with the bowl!
It even went on our head!

Mmmm, oatemal-flavored hair! That's the best! Good thing we took a bath right after breakfast!


Holly or James said...

That's so cute!! Jack has just started grabbing the spoon from me too and feeding himself now and then. I bet the SAME thing would happen if I let it. But I feed him cereal and milk mostly. I haven't tried feeding him oatmeal yet.

Jill Hunt said...

Sometimes you just have to let them go to town with their food even if the do make a huge mess. It makkes for great memories.

Anonymous said...

Those are the greatest pictures! Feeding time in general is just so fabulous! And to think I am about to start doing it at least 2-3 times a day-ugh! I better warn the washing machine :)