Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dang Pavlov

There are the usual triggers in life: you smell food and it makes you want to eat, you hear music and you want to dance or sing along. And then there are the not so normal ones. I've struggled my whole life with a very irritating trigger. Whenever I put lotion on my hands, I suddenly have to use the bathroom, which of course means that I then have to wash my hands which washes away the lotion I just put on. I then have to reapply the lotion, and the vicious cycle continues.

Sophie has also developed a funny trigger that you probably have seen before if you have children. The second she hears the bath water turn on, she goes to the bathroom. I learned this the hard way by having already removed her diaper and then having to clean up a lovely mess on the floor after putting her into the bath. I learned to just keep her diaper on for a moment after turning on the water, and we were good. Joseph admits to weird associations, like when he hears the Backstreet Boys he thinks of Brazil, but that's not really a trigger. I'll figure his weird one out here, though. So do you have any unique triggers? If so, I wanna hear 'em. :)


Annie said...

no unusual triggers other than abby can hear when the bathroom door clicks open, she's gone. but, when i get cold i automatically have to go pee pee. why why?

The Lambs said...

when i brush my teeth i have to go pee. peter's still trying to figure this one out.