Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Day at the Zoo

Wild Wednesday at the Hogle Zoo means a free pass in for everyone, and since the weather was so nice that day (at last!) Sophie and I made the trip up there last week to see the animals up close and in person. My Mom and brother Jonny joined us and we had a great time watching Sophie take it all in for her very first time ever.
We saw lots of monkeys and Sophie was enthralled watching them all!

We made the elephant sound very well while trying to communicate with them.

Not too old for a shoulder ride!

What does a cougar say?

Sophie loved the giraffes (and I'm sorry about the lightning streak from Jonny's coat!)

Sophie discovered her shadow for the very first time and was almost as excited about that as she was about the animals!

Thanks for a fun day at the zoo!


Faujora said...
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Jen said...

What?!! Free wednesdays? I'll have to look into that. How long does that last? Probably not into the summer right? Anyway, thanks for the tip.

The Lambs said...

I wish we could have come so that sophie could teach austin the things animals say besides "dah." i can't wait for messes- you think you have a place child there such a thing?! see you this weekend!!

Jill Hunt said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I was so bummed that I missed that free day at the zoo but that was the week I got really sick with the flu. I am glad you guys got to go!

Meridith said...

Hey, we went too on Wednesday, but I didn't see you. It was such a perfect day. I'm so glad we went that day. Hope you are doing well with your pregnancy.

Annie said...

free Wednesdays? i'll have to look into that. how is your buddha doing?