Sunday, June 15, 2008

To the Two Most Important Men In My Life...

First, to my Dad (since I've known you a little bit longer),

Thank you so much for being my wonderful father! You have always been someone I admired and looked up to, and I always felt growing up that I was daddy's little girl and was a princess in your eyes.

Thanks for teaching me how to dance and play baseball and how to work hard, as well as a hundred other things I've learned from you.

Thank you for loving Sophie so much and for being the greatest Dampa Yam a little girl could ask for. Her pillow is yours anytime you clap for it. Happy Father's Day! I love you, Dad!

And to my husband, because you're the most important man in my life now,
Thank you for taking a chance on me a little over 3 years ago

Thank you for choosing me to be your bride and eternal mate,

Thank you for setting wonderful examples for our daughter. She adores you and wants to be just like you.
Thank you for loving your role as a father and being such a fun, patient, and amazing one.

And thank you for continuing to love me and serve me so faithfully! You are my best friend, my confidante, and I'd still rather spend an evening with you than anyone else on the earth! I love you! Happy Daddy's Day!


Ben and Jeanne said...

Now that was a sweet tribute. Just seeing pictures of your dad makes me smile and think of him in his "bunny ears". I just love the picture of Joseph and Sophie at his graduation. That one is a real keeper. You have a wonderful little family.

Momma K & Big J said...

That was very sweet, and so are you. Aren't we so lucky to have good dads and good husbands? I love you Jensens. ~Kimber

Sonja said...

What a beautiful tribute to two wonderful dads!!

Emily and Kyle said...

what a sweet post. Cute beach picture!

Holly or James said...

I never got to see pictures of you in your wedding gown. ): Remember we were moving from Pocatello back to Oregon that day. You sure look lovely. Post more photos of your wedding if you can. (: