Monday, June 30, 2008

Swimming at Papa Lamb's

We went to Papa Lamb's house last week to go swimming and it was so hot outside that the water was really warm and perfect for swimming for long hours.Sophie made her way around the pool in this raft.

Joseph not only dropped Sophie off the diving board a couple times, which she loved, but he also jumped in with her from the side and she thought that was awesome.

She no longer minds going under and thinks it's fun to get dunked now!

Sophie was a hugging machine all day. She hugged everyone at least 10 times each before the day was through and especially loved hugging Austin.

Ahhh, cousin love--so sweet!


Ben and Jeanne said...

Becky, your Grandpa looks so good. Tell him I said Hi! Seeing those pictures reminded me of the trip us girls took to his house right before all of our lives changed and we got married! Remember, we had a talk or two about Joseph and Grandpa wanted the 411 as well and now look. He is swimming in Grandpa's pool and you are now married with number two on the way. My how time flies. I sure miss you but I am glad you look so happy and all is well. Tell Joseph I said hi.

Jenny W said...

Oh, I love his pool! I vaguely remember it (He is such a sweetheart)....HOW FUN for you guys! Swimming is our favorite thing around here, too! Countdown for you....Only 3 more days! Crazy! We love you and can't wait to hear from you!!!! xoxoxoxo