Friday, August 22, 2008

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

I just got my latest Baby Center email about my 7 week old, and this is what one section said about how to go somewhere:

Prepare, prepare, prepare. If you use formula, your baby's travel bag should
include extra bottles and travel-sized cans of formula. If you breastfeed, pack
a shawl or wrap so you'll feel more comfortable nursing in public. Bring
pacifiers if your baby uses them; extra diapers, a portable package of wipes,
baggies for dirty diapers, a nasal bulb, and a first-aid kit. Pack a burp cloth,
a change of clothes, and extra layers for transit, along with the right clothes
for your destination. Don't forget a few favorite toys as well as some new ones
to surprise her with.

Oh, is that all I should bring? Yes, I'd love to tote around my entire nursery, kitchen, and playroom to the library and store with me. I really should write them and ask what I need for my 22 month old in addition to that. Puh-lease. These people are clearly either extreme and paranoid mothers, or they have never actually had children of their own. Joseph thinks we have way too much crap in our diaper bags as it is, but I think we're doing alright by only taking 2 bags to church with us each week. :)

What's in your baby bags?


Holly or James said...

I love that last picture! Isn't it the truth though? CRAZY!!! A BABY bag is different than a toddler bag though. Right now all I really need to bring when I'm going out (for errands or something not so long) is a diaper or 2 and my wipes. Sometimes I bring a snack and his binky, but that's about it. I got this really cool bag from Disneyland that lets me just put my purse directly inside (so I don't have to unload and transfer all my junk each time I need it) and then I have room to put whatever else I'll need like diapers, snacks, toys, mail, or whatever else. It's really nice.

Annie said...

i think this is the big difference between first time moms and veterans. or i guess there are some 'anal' moms out there. definitely not me, i don't even use a diaper bag anymore. i have a purse that has 1 diaper, a pack of wipes and one zip-lock baggy of snacks. that's it. the diaper bag only gets dusted off for trips. sunday has it's own 'church bag' with different books, snacks, crayons, 2 diapers and wipes.

Poppy said...

My kids are lucky if I have a diaper or snacks around. I should really be a little more prepared, but I haven't lost one yet! I have been inconvenienced a time or two, but apparently not enough to pack the kitchen sink! New moms...what can you say, although I was never like that even with my first.

Tash said...

LOL!! Good thing you don't have the Relief Society binder too!

Laura said...

Ya know you really should take along that kitchen sink... It may come in handy if Avery has a blow-out or Sophie needs to wash her hands. You wouldn't want to be caught unprepared! :)

Alyssa said...

And I thought I may have overpacked to move to Europe ;-)

Love the picture... funny!

Alison said...

Ha! Love your post! I am soooo dreading the "newborn" bag again. I have loved the "toddler" bag which includes 1 diaper, 2 wipes, small snack, and Little Linus (aka: Jack's to-go blanket).

kim & co. said...

I solved that problem by packing an emergency bag that I leave in the car that has wipes, change diapers/underwear, clothes, extra snacks, a little bit of cash, a couple toys, first aid stuff, etc. . .

We still have to bring a lot of food with us because my kids want to eat constantly, but that's about all that's in my bag if I'm driving. Too bad we walk most places these days, LOL! But I'm not carting all that stuff around with me in the stroller. Just too obnoxious. We can walk home if we have an emergency.