Friday, August 08, 2008

I Don't Wanna Grow Up

Sophie has reverted back to babyhood, including the oral phase. Now, though, the oral fixation is more of her way of being sneaky and defiant, sticking things in her mouth that she knows we don't want her to eat, just because it'll get a reaction. (Yes, classic I'm-trying-to-figure-out-where-I-fit-in-with-this-new-baby-around behavior. She's actually doing really well overall, I think.)

Sophie wouldn't take a pacificer to save her life when she was a baby, despite our best efforts, instead finding her thumb at 5 months and never looking back. But now that we stick it in Avery's mouth, Sophie's fascinated with it and sticks it in hers. She's actually gotten much better about this the last week and now just shoves it in Avery's mouth any time she hears her crying (which is helpful to me when she does it nicely!)

She also was never happy in the bouncer or swing as a baby, but you'd better believe those are 2 of the funnest things to play with around here now. At least someone's playing in them, since Avery doesn't seem to love them either.

I want to know how we get a baby who actually likes to be swung instead of insisting on being in someone's arms all the time? (sigh)

But despite all the reverting back to baby behaviors, Sophie really does want to grow up, though I really hope she'll never be able to fit into these men's size 13's (or so).

She's too darn cute for her own good, and such a keeper! We think we'll keep them both! (And I really do Sophie's hair in pigtails every day, they just fall out during her naps!)


Poppy said...

I can't help with any advice on the self-sufficient baby, all of mine insisted on being held...I think it must be me, but I am hoping I get an easier-going one this time round...I deserve it after all!
Grace reverted to babyhood when Dyl was born and hasn't quite gotten over it yet (2 years later) unless it suits her needs! Girls!

The Hyer Family said...

Lauren did the same thing, and Kate even likes to stick binkies in her mouth now, although she wouldn't have anything to do with them as a baby...We went through 2 swings with Kate because Lauren was so fascinated with it, she broke it--watch out! And I'm reading Breaking Dawn, but honestly, I easily put it down! It's so much of the same thing so far, but I'm working on it, and curious about the big plot question right now is why is she so hungry and tired? Immaculate conception?

Annie said...

lots of hugs, kisses and mommy time for just you so you can survive the first 12 weeks. they are the hardest i think with #2 : )

Sonja said...

Oh my goodness! Sophie looks so much older, but just as darling as ever. It's interesting how these kids form relationships and discover their place in the family. :)