Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunny September Scenes

It's September but it's still full-on summer here in Southern California. We actually did get a few cooler days last week that made us feel like maybe we would actually start to see fall, but it's back up in the high 90's today, so we weren't too surprised when someone told us that September is usually the hottest month here. Really?! Yeah. So what are we doing about it? We're going on lots of fun little trips.

Last Wednesday I met up with my brother (who was on paternity leave) and his family for a half day at Disneyland. I wouldn't dare take my two little girls there by myself right now, but if there are two other adults going, I am totally game. Sophie is currently obsessed with everything Tinker Bell and has already informed me that that's what she's going to be for Halloween (don't even get me started on the ridiculous price they're asking for a Tinker Bell outfit at Disneyland though). So we had to get a picture with Tink in the background.
She usually loves the carousel, but for some reason the horses freaked her out this time and it was all I could do to convince her to get on one and stay on. She was fine by the end, I think.
We went over to California Adventure at the end and Austin and Sophie got to cool off in the water a bit at one little toddler-friendly place we found.

They're such great buds.

And here's a shout out to my brother who watched two toddlers, one of whom likes to be all over the place at once, plus two babies 10 weeks and under (Gabe was just 10 days!) so that Abby and I could ride Space Mountain for the first time in over a decade for both of us! We walked right on and had so much fun! Thanks again, Pete! I wish Joseph could've been there to help you, too! We sure missed daddy that whole day.

Then on Saturday when Joseph could come with us, we went to the Huntington Library and Museum. Bank of America was sponsoring one of their exhibits so all BofA employees got free admission, so we took advantage of it and went for a couple hours. Thanks for saving us 40 bucks, BofA!This place is absolutely amazing. They have the Gutenburg Bible in one of the museums, not to mention some first edition Shakespeare plays and the original 13th amendment and other incredible stuff. If we hadn't had Sophie we could've spent hours looking at these things! (Sadly, no pictures allowed, of course.)But we did have Sophie and that was okay because she had a great time. They had a little garden for kids, complete with jumping fountains and lots of water to get soaked in. She had a blast.

We found a lily pond full of huge, colorful fish probably much older than even we are. They were beautiful and Sophie would've been content to look at them for hours.

And this is a shout out to my best friend when I was little, Angi Beamer, whose favorite joke used to be something like "Ask me if I'm a tree." "Are you a tree?" "Yes." Don't ask me why, but we'd laugh forever over that, and it never got old. So yes, Angi, I'm a tree.

Everything was so beautiful here, we wish we could've stayed longer, but that's how it goes when your life is dictated by a 2-year old and her nap schedule, and that's okay. :)


Sunny said...

What fun! How would it be to zip over to Disneyland for a few hours. Glad to hear you guys are taking advantage of all the fun stuff in your neck of the woods.

Emily and Kyle said...

I actually thought about you guys when we drove through L.A. and wondered if we would get a chance to meet up. We had friends from Colorado or family with us the whole time. Next time, we would love to invite you guys to play at the beach with us!!
We moved to S.S. (but basically we are really in Lehi) the first part of May. We really like it but we are just renting and probably won't buy for a couple of years..we don't know where we will be then! We will have to wait and see what Kyle's company does. Love all your adventures in CA. We will probably go to Disneyland in a couple of years (we went a year ago) if you guys are still there, you should join us. I heard the lines are awesome in September.

Annie said...

you are brave woman! disneyland with two kids, and two newborns. glad it was a blast. miss you guys, but so happy for you too.

Jenny W said...

How fun! Glad you are taking advantage of your long summer :) Miss you guys!

Sabrina said...

It looks like you are enjoying the So. Cal attractions. We never did make it to the Huntington Library, looks like we missed out. Hope it cools down soon.

Holly or James said...

yeah for Disneyland! We heart Disneyland! So it had been over 10 years since riding Space Mountain, huh? Yeah, it had been about 7 for me when I went in July. Way too long if you ask me. Did you get a bit motion sick? I did. I think I'm getting way too old to enjoy the Disneyland rides as much as I did when I was younger. (:

kim & co. said...

We never made it to the Huntington Library either--sounds like a great place!!! And yes, Sept. and Oct. were always my favorite months when I lived in CA--all the tourists go home (well, enough of them to make a difference) and the weather is still gorgeous!

Carrie said...

How fun! It looks like you are keeping yourselves very busy down in sunny southern california (oh, how us seattleites envy you!) Hopefully we'll get down there sometime soon and visit you!

Jill Hunt said...

I am so jealous that you live so close to Disneyland. How fun! Can't wait to take our boys there!

Harrison's said...

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Jeanne Lawyer said...

Looks like you guys are having a great summer. It was really hot here in Maryland until last week so I know how you feel about waiting for fall.