Monday, October 27, 2008

Fish and Turtles

We went to a local nursery with our MOMS Club and they had a few ponds filled with koi fish that Sophie got to feed. She thought it was so cool how they swam right up to her to get the food, often even ending up on the rocks out of water.

Four anxious & hungry tutrles came to her to get food and one bold little guy kept coming out of the water to get the food from her hands! It was a little bit too close for me! He didn't do it to any other kids but Sophie! She loved it.


The Hyer Family said...

I wanted to do that outing, but I can't remember what I had...glad it was fun!

Jeanne Lawyer said...

I am glad you finally did a post. I have been missing you. It's sad when I can't see what is going on in everyone's life. I guess I am just nosey. I am sure life is way more busy with two instead of one.

Miss you!

Tash said...

That looks like a lot of fun! Sophie is one brave little girl. I would have been afraid of the turtle.