Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wedding Belles

I know I went a good two weeks or so without posting but it was because we've been gone for a while. We've done a lot of stuff the past couple weeks and took a lot of pictures, but it'll probably take me a while to get them all up. Oh well, no rush. We first flew to Utah for Joseph's sister Miya's wedding. So I'll start out by sharing some of the wedding pics we took.Miya and Jake were married in the Jordan River Temple. She's so photogenic. I've honestly never seen a bad picture of her (that is, except for when she's trying for it, like below.)
I love this shot. This is the first time in several years that all the kids have been together at the same time, all home from missions and such. (It hasn't happened since I've known Joseph.) So here's all 10 of them in their natural poses. :) Miya's #9 of 10 and the 6th to get married.
Our family has definitely grown from our own wedding 3 years ago.

We call Avery our little porcelain doll.

Sophie with the beautiful bride.


Jeanne Lawyer said...

What a beautiful family you and Joseph have made. I can't believe you have only been married 3 years. It seems like forever. Doesn't it? I would also have to agree, Avery does look like a porcelain doll.

Pam said...

CRAZY how much has changed in the last 3 years! It really doesn't seem that long ago! Sorry that I missed you when you were here :( but it sounds like you had a lot of fun :) Avery and Sophie are SO stinkin' cute - how do you stand it?! :) Love you guys - oh, and thanks for the congrats! We are excited :)