Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Adventures at Sea World

We took the kids to Sea World and they had such a great time.  
The first event of the day was chasing the pigeons around.  I have it on good authority that that was one of the highlights for me and my siblings when we were this age and going to Sea World often.  In fact, this little boy's daddy took his first steps at Sea World chasing after a pigeon!

We stopped in at the dolphin show next.  Sophie couldn't believe they had the audacity to get us all wet!  It was her grandpa's fault for picking to sit in the soak zone.
It would be a tough job.
This little guy could jump!
We only went on a few little rides while there, but since we've never wanted to stand in line for the teacups at Disneyland, this was Sophie's first opportunity getting really dizzy in a ride like this.  She was a fan.
Before we went to see Shamu jump and splash everyone, we stopped by his tank to say hello.
And this is why I bought the camera I did.  I see a shot and I get it, without waiting around for it to finally click.  Love it!

Hey, Big Guy!  (Actually, I think the lead whale is a girl.)
Sleeping on the job or sunbathing?  I don't know.  Did anyone else see Free Willy where they said that if their top fin curves like that, they're unhappy?  Is that a myth?  Always wondered that.
Sophie was very relieved that Shamu failed to get us wet, even though we really should have where we were sitting.  She totally thought we pulled fast one on him!  (I never could get a shot of all of us looking at the same time.)
The whole group all together.  (The gentleman who took the picture was nice, but he sure didn't have a clue what he was doing, either. :D)
The seal and otter show was hands down our favorite show when we were kids.  That little otter was hilarious.  It's still a fun show to watch, but in our humble opinions, the old story line was much better than the current one (especially when they played Spooky at the end.  If you happened to go to Sea World 25 years ago you know what I mean.)
I know this is a little graphic, but we couldn't help taking a picture.  We were looking in the pirana tank and noticed that there had been some cannibalism going on.  I swear that's a pirana that's been eaten up by his buddies.  When Joseph and I took the rest of the family back later to show them, it was gone.  Yowzas.
Gramma and Grampa Lamb hauled these two around on their shoulders for quite a while and got great resistance whenever they tried to put them down.  What great sports.  Thanks for the fun trip to Sea World!  We loved being there with you!


The Lambs said...

Thank you for the pictures!!! You are a life saver. Cute blog background, btw. We are so excited to see you this weekend. I hope your girls are in good spirits for you while Joseph is gone.

Carrie said...

How fun! I LOVE Sea World! Did you go to the Dolphin pool and let them swim up to you? Frankly the sea really creeps me out and I have no desire to ever go scuba diving or anything--which is why I love Sea World. It brings the ocean to me in a non-freaky way and gives me a chance to enjoy those life forms without ever getting in the water. :-)

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Jenny W said...

It's me! Can you believe it?! It's so fun catching up on all of your posts :) What fun memories you are making with your kids! My kids would LOVE to go there and ask to....One of these days I hope! Love ya :)

Jenny W said...

P.S. And LOVE all of the pics, too....Your girls are beautiful and getting so big! We miss you guys :(