Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Barefoot in the Park

(So we weren't actually barefoot, though Sophie tried to be, but I just wanted to reference a very cool movie.  If you've never seen it, check it out.)
We had a little picnic in the park one Saturday.  Sophie had to show Daddy how well she can swing on the big swings now.
But she still likes to go really high and crazy in the baby ones, too.
Especially when Daddy pretends to get hit by her feet over and over again.
Avery even enjoys a push or two.  As long as Sophie gets the blue swing and she sees Avery in the orange one, everyone's happy.  (So particular!)
Sophie doesn't usually like to go down the slide on her bottom because it doesn't feel as safe as her tummy.  But every once in a while she gets really daring and does it and always feels so proud of herself after.
Avery and I were daredevils and went off the tall, twisty slide once, too.
This bumpy one hurts like the dickens to adults, but kids seem to love it.  See the look of panic on Sophie's face as she goes, though?  Yeah, that's why we prefer the tummy.


Carrie said...

Oh...that looks like so much fun! And I've never seen the movie you referenced. I guess I'll have to Netflix it. Is it a Romance? Cuz all I've been in the mood for lately is romances. I guess my psyche knows it's Valentine's Day this weekend!

Alison said...

Oh...I am so jealous of being outside at a park. That would just seem perfect about now :) Glad you got to have fun!! And watch out for the adult-hater slide ;)

kim & co. said...

thanks for the movie recommendation--we're always looking for things to add to our list.

And what is it with the "kick the parent" game on the swing. I made the mistake of playing a very exaggerated game with Bean one time a few years ago and she STILL asks for it all the time--and when there are a lot of other people around, its kind of embarrassing to act like a complete dork :)

Harrison's said...

What a fun day! You get such great action shots. I really think I could handle that California weather. Too bad Jared is so attached to his Caraharrt coat. I'm officially done with Winter!