Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Check Me Out

Not only am I the cutest baby on the planet with the prettiest blue eyes (or so they tell me)...
...and an incredible roller (been doing it for months now and I can get going pretty far pretty fast)
but I've now also added to my resume the skill of crawling. I'm not going to lie and tell you that I picked it up in one day, because I didn't. But it didn't take too many days of inchworming and army crawling before I had the real deal down.
I am a crawling machine these days. Just watch the video below if you don't believe me. When there's something I see that I like, I am a determined woman and nothing and nobody can get in my way. Look out all tiny pieces of whatever on the carpet! I will find you!
(They think putting me in dresses will slow me down. Boy are they wrong!)

This is what happens to my Daddy when he tries to stop me. The hair pull trick works every time.

Too bad he always knows how to weaken my defenses with a few raspberries to the tummy.

I am a sucker for getting tickled, especially on my thighs.

I admit, I really do love it.

And lest you think I'm too narcissistic (I am a baby after all), I thought I'd also post a picture of my sister. This is her idea of stopping long enough for Mom to take a picture. Hmmm, I might have to try that from now on.


Aimee said...

I don't get around to blogging much, so this is the 1st I've seen of this 2nd baby really. She looks just like her daddy. Your girls are sure cute! I think about 8 months - 2 years is the most fun time. I know people say "the terrible two's" but I think they're really just confusing two's with three's. :)

Alison said...

Seriously, SOO CUTE!!! And I still can't believe that BOTH girls got red hair :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, those are darling pictures, and I won't blame you if you want to be vain about her baby blues. :^) She is such a pretty baby! Thank you, thank you for ALL the pictures and the video of her crawling. What a little peanut she is to be so strong and mobile!
I can't wait 2 more months to hold her and Sophie again!!

Ashley said...

What a DOLL she is! Great job on this entry--how fun!

Emily said...

She is ADORABLE! She reminds me of a cute gerber baby on a jar of baby food...she is pure sweetness!

Annie said...

great pictures becky! i can't believe littl aj is crawling. time flies too fast for me to keep up : )

Cori said...

She is getting so big Becky! She is a doll!

Laura said...

Such a beautiful little girl (and Sophie too)! Josh is perfecting the art of the army crawl now, so they could be two peas in a pod. It's amazing to me how much their mobility progresses daily, maybe even hourly. Just a few days ago, he was inch-worming it. It also amazes me that they have such good something-on-the-carpet radar. I can vacuum and two seconds later, from across the room he zones in on and finds some sort of string on the ground. Where do all these little strings and small specks come from? Really.
Anyway, perhaps we should arrange an arranged marriage. :)

Deborah Austin said...

Wow she is growing up so fast!!! She is so cute!

Julia Deaver said...

Your daughters are so adorable!