Monday, June 29, 2009

Too Cool For Skool

Avery looooves to wear sunglasses.  She snuck Sophie's on here.
She also loves to make us put them on, then pull them right back off of us.  It makes her laugh really hard and she has the most infectious, adorable laugh ever.  It's really gravelly and hilarious.
She thinks she's the bee's knees, and she's probably right.
She has her daddy wrapped around her finger, that's for sure.  Poor Joseph, has to stretch himself far enough to be wrapped around 3 girls' fingers.  What a guy.
Avery loves her daddy so much and is a lucky girl to have him!


Annie said...

avery is so cute! i know i say it all the time, but it just seems like she is growing so fast. almost 1! i love the last photo.

Emily said...

ahh, pictures of that girl just melt my heart. She has the cutest little baby face ever! She has such happy adorable eyes!

Tonya said...

how did she grow so big? you girls are so beautiful and and joseph are doing such a good job! lets' play soon...:)



Anonymous said...

That girl is all personality; what a cut-up cutie! She and Joseph look so fun together. Happy Birthday, my big 1-year-old!
Grandma Lamb

Jenny W said...

What a little doll! We had so much fun with your fam yesterday, but missed you guys! And Happy B-Day to Avery! It trips me out she is already 1! And I am so glad you got to go to Dallas together....Sounds way fun :) Love ya Becky-Sue xoxo

Holly or James said...

That last photo a really sweet picture of Avery.