Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Two Toddlers

We had a mini photo shoot in our living room last week.  I wanted to get one year pics of Avery and I'm so tired of studio prices for low quality, so Joseph and I just did it ourselves.  We're no professionals, but they turned out okay for being free!
I dressed the girls in the little tutus that I made them and I think they had a lot of fun with them.  Sophie acted like a ballerina princess the entire night and asked if we could do it again the next day.  She can wear her tutu whenever she wants, but something about having her picture taken in them was pretty magical.
Avery didn't cooperate incredibly well, but we still managed to snag a couple of fun shots of her.

I love this of them both looking over at their daddy.  They sure love him.
Her smile lights up her blue eyes.  I love it.
Sophie and I practiced quite a while on doing a natural smile, but in the end it still looked canned.  I still think she's cute, though.
She's just not my baby anymore!  Almost over night it feels like she turned into a toddler! (sniff)
She can walk all on her own, but she still likes it best when I walk with her.


terrah said...

They turned out great! That's inspiring.... maybe I'll have to try my own. We still need to do Violet's 1st birthday and Cora's 3rd birthday pics!

Jessica Hughes said...

So cute Becky can u make one for Paige?

Karen said...

I think that you did really good. what cuties.

Matthews Family said...

I love all those cute pics. I need to do a photo shoot with my kids. That's such a great idea! You are so talented with cake decorating, designing clothes and photography.

Anonymous said...

BOTH of you are terrific photographers! I don't think a pro could have done any better. That one of Avery alone with her classic smile was absolutely perfect!

Sunny said...

So cute!

Melanie said...

So cute girls! I love their ballerina outfits. Something I would SO do too!

By the way, if you ever figure out how to potty-train Sophie (my mom said she's resistant to it too) tell me! These stubborn geniuses just don't want to let go of the diapers!
(seriously though- I'm at a loss. She'll wear panties, not go all day, and save it all up for her naptime and nighttime diapers!)

Erin said...

Your girls are SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Seriously.