Saturday, July 11, 2009


Avery is walking all the time now.  She is still in the I-can-get-there-much-faster-by-crawling stage so she usually resorts to that, but she does just take off and walk every once in a while, too.  She's pretty proud of herself every time she does it.
She does much better when she walks because she decides to.  If we try to catch her she usually gets so excited that she falls down over and over.  If there's no one at the finish line she can go quite far before falling.
These were taken on the 4th of July in her patriotic dress.
She went all the way across the big living room over and over again.
She still lunges to the "finish line" most of the time.  So fun.

We had Avery's year appointment this week and here are her stats:

Weight: 19 1/2 lbs.--28th percentile
Height: 30 inches--80th percentile
Head circumference: 46 1/4 in. --75th percentile

So apparently we still have a tall, skinny, big-headed child.  But it means we get to finally turn her car seat around!  She's going to love riding in the car now!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting your spirited daughter's pics up in such abundance. We can see her giggling all across the floor.
Thanks for your patience and love for that busy little girl and her big sister, despite all the other distractions you've got going on. I'm glad you wrote up this past week and where you are right now in life. Hang in there! I'm proud of you for all the roles you fill so well!

The Lambs said...

Those are great pics of you and your girls- did you guys take them with your camera? You really do have a lot on your plate right now and trying to keep curious minds and mouths safe is hard enough!! You are a very gifted woman and I know you'll bless lives of people in your MOM's group and the kids you tutor- I just pray the girls will keep napping for you!! Send them our way when you need some alone time!! We have your blue bowl, by the way. ;) Gabe uses it as a drum, of course.

Sabrina said...

She is so cute!!! Happy birthday Avery. I loved her cupcakes and birthday cake.

You are an amazing person! Thanks for being such a good friend.