Saturday, September 12, 2009

We Heart Sunsets

We headed to Dana Point in Orange County to watch some pirate ships come into the Harbor at the Tall Ships Festival.  We got an eyefull of some very cool ships (who even fired their canons), and the sky graced us with some very beautiful colors, too.

We met Peter and Abby and kids there.  Sophie was so happy to play with her Austin.

Avery kept repeating "wawa, wawa" as she pointed at the ocean and longed to be swimming in it.

And Sophie loved the rocks and sand most, as usual.  Look at those clouds; aren't they gorgeous?  The poor people whose homes are right up on those cliffs must really suffer with a view like this every night.  We were glad to have it for just one evening.


Poppy said...

There you go again making me miss CA!

Sabrina said...

That looks like so much fun. I never knew about the festival. And your pictures are beautiful.

Harrison's said...

Wow --howpretty! (And I love your hat)

Daryl and McCall said...

ha I love how in the first pic everyone is looking at the camera and Avery is watching the sunset :) she is a doll!