Friday, September 04, 2009

Happy Bloggy Birthday

I just realized that our blog has hit a big milestone.  Not only are we coming up on 3 years of blogging, but I just hit 300 posts.  Even my I-haven't-taken-math-in-forever brain can figure out that that averages to 100 posts a year. :)  Kinda interesting.  I'm currently working on my 2nd blog book and am having fun making those and liking the final result.  This blog has been a great thing for recording our family's story, and I thank you all for coming along on the ride with us.  Here's to 30 more years and 3000 more posts!  (Whoa, that doesn't sound intimidating or anything!)  Happy Birthday, Blog!


Michael and Amy said...

where do you go to create your blog books? I have been wanting to do but haven't looked it to it...let me know thanks!

Annie said...

ditto on amy's question. : )

and happy birthday jensen blog!

Alyssa said...

Time flies doesn't it?! I get rave reviews about my book whenever anyone sees it. Isn't it amazing?! And so worth every penny! Who has time to scrapbook any more so it is such a great way to combine a journal with scrapbooking.

Hugs to you and your blog!

The Hyer Family said...

Happy blog bday! Becky you do such a fantastic job with your books...thanks for unintentionally pushing me to get going on my own! And also for all the good ideas!